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MU Origin 2 (SEA)

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MU Origin 2 (SEA)
MU Origin 2 Badges (SEA)
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Get MU Origin 2 Badge Top Up

Have the urge to top up MU Origin 2 Badges? Buy them today on OffGamers! These badges could help you get diamonds for you to use in the game. Diamonds are in turn used to purchase anything from cosmetics to raid passes and BP for your advancement.

MU Origin 2 Overview

MU Origin 2 is the sequel to MU Origin, both of which are MMORPGs created for those who would like to enjoy the game on mobile devices. This game is inspired by MU Online created by Webzen for PC users. Now the MU Kingdom can be enjoyed by more people as they go about their daily lives.

Glory Badge Tips

Glory Badges can be confusing, especially for those who are new to the MU Origin franchise. So here are some little tips and things you should know about the Glory Badges that you are interested in buying.

Glory Badges can be used to purchase Blue Diamonds, but you cannot use Blue Diamonds to purchase your Glory Badges. Every 100 Badges can be used to purchase 90 Diamonds or a pack of equal worth.

As the game has a daily top-up task and/or a Top-up King rewards event, every time you exchange your badges for diamonds, it will count as a top-up for your account and an entry to the task or event. Another step to more rewards, so make sure to top up MU Origin 2 Badges today!

OffGamers MU Origin 2 Badge Top Up Payment Options

For those of you looking for more payment options that would accommodate your needs, we got you covered! It doesn’t even matter where you’re located in the world, we have payment gateways with an extensive reach. Our global customers generally prefer using Mastercard, Visa or PayPal for their transactions.

However, worry not! We’ve got all sorts of debit cards, offline methods, online banks, e-wallets, credit cards and more for you to pick and choose from. With the occasional promotions and discounts, you are sure to buy some cheap badges on our site.

For extra info on our available methods, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions on MU Origin 2 Badge Top Up

How to top up MU Origin 2 Badges?

To top up MU Origin 2 Badges on our site, it’s a direct top-up that is rather straightforward:
1. Choose the value you desire.
2. When prompted, insert your Game ID.
3. Complete your transaction and the process is done.

Where to find cheap MU Origin 2 Badge online?

You can buy cheap badges online on OffGamers, especially since we tend to host a ton of promotions and discounts throughout the year! Remember to always purchase your products from trusted and authorised sellers in order to avoid any potential fraud.

What is MU Origin 2’s Badge conversion rate?

The Glory Badges to Blue Diamonds conversion rate is at 1:0.9 currently, so every 100 Badges grant you 90 Blue Diamonds.
  • Please enter your Account information correctly to avoid Top up into Wrong Account or delay.
  • No Refunds / Code Exchange will be deemed applicable nor provided on cases mentioned above.