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MU Origin 2 (SEA)

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MU Origin 2 (SEA)
MU Origin 2 Diamonds (SEA)
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Top Up MU Origin 2 Diamonds

The MU Origin 2 Diamonds are used to top up your Diamonds in the MU Origin 2 world - the MU Kingdom. These Diamonds are notably known as Blue Diamonds. With this top-up, you can get the game’s premium currency, which is Pink Diamonds for free. If you want to top up MU Origin 2, you can easily get them from us today!

About MU Origin 2

MU Origin 2 is a mobile MMORPG and a sequel to MU Origin. MU Origin itself is a spin-off of the Korean MMORPG MU Online that was created by Webzen. This spin-off is made for those who enjoy the game and would prefer to have it on mobile instead. Your favourite MMORPG experience is now condensed into this smaller version that can fit in the back of your pocket!

Pink & Blue Diamonds Guide

In the game, Pink Diamonds are the premium currency you can use to purchase basically everything. You can use Pink Diamonds to pay for your raid passes, purchase recovery potions and resources for your character, upgrade gear and more. You can get Pink Diamonds for free when you top up MU Origin 2 Diamonds or through mining in the dungeon and performing certain tasks.

Blue Diamonds are the Diamonds that you can get when you top up MU Origin 2 Diamonds with us. These Blue Diamonds can be used to purchase boosts for your BP in order for you to advance ahead of others and more.

OffGamers Payment Methods for MU Origin 2 Diamond Top Up

On our site, we have all sorts of payment methods available for you to peruse and choose from in your search to buy some cheap diamonds. We even cater to customers from around the world with options like credit cards, online banks, e-wallets and more available on our site.

If you’re looking for a place to buy cheap diamonds, we’ve got you covered. Especially during our promotional seasons and enticing discounts. We’ll get you sorted out and back to playing your game in no time. For more info on our available payments, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions on MU Origin 2 Diamond Top Up

How to top up MU Origin 2 Diamonds?

The top-up we offer on our site is direct top-up, which is pretty straightforward, but you can follow these steps:
1. Select the value you’re interested in.
2. When prompted for your MU Origin 2 ID, enter it.
3. Continue with your transaction and you’re done.

Where to find MU Origin 2 ID?

Follow these steps to find your ID:
1. Log into the game.
2. Go to Portrait > Settings > Customer Support.
3. Your ID should be located in the form for you to send a ticket, so you can easily copy and paste it.

Can I play MU Origin 2 on PC?

With the help of an emulator, yes it is possible. Currently, it seems like Memuplay is the authorized emulator by Webzen for you to download and play the game on PC.

What’s the mobile requirement for MU Origin 2?

Recommended requirements are as follows:
OS: Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0
Storage: 80 MB
CPU: Snapdragon 429 Quad Core 1.8 GHz or similar
GPU: Adreno 504 or similar
  • Please enter your Account information correctly to avoid Top up into Wrong Account or delay.
  • No Refunds / Code Exchange will be deemed applicable nor provided on cases mentioned above.