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Nintendo eShop Card

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The Nintendo eShop Card allows you access to Nintendo’s wide library of games. You can get a Nintendo eShop Gift Card at OffGamers with ease no matter the time or day. Hence, if you’re looking for a place to buy Nintendo eShop Card, look no further!

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Nintendo eShop Card
Nintendo eShop Card (EU)
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All About The Nintendo eShop Gift Card Europe

Using a digital gift card is arguably the easiest way for players to purchase Nintendo games from Nintendo’s eShop.

The gift card is cheap, reliable and more importantly you can even send it to others as a gift! All you need to do is send over the digital code received from your OffGamers account to your loved ones and they would be able to redeem funds to their Nintendo eShop account!

Therefore, if you or your loved ones are looking for a simple and easy way to top up your Nintendo eShop account, getting the Nintendo eShop gift card is the way to go.

Recommended Nintendo Exclusives

There are many games that are exclusive to Nintendo themselves which you can purchase from the Nintendo eShop online. By using the gift card, you can conveniently purchase these games from the eShop!

Here are some of our recommendations.

- Fire Emblem: Three Houses
- Pokemon Sword and Shield
- Xenoblade Chronicles
- Luigi’s Mansion

Benefits Of Purchasing The Nintendo eShop Card

Besides being able to purchase Nintendo exclusive games, the Nintendo eShop card also provides conveniences like:

Frequent Online Promos and Discounts

Purchasing the gift card online will occasionally have special discounts during seasonal events from Nintendo.

Furthermore, many famous events that are prominent in Germany and Belgium like Christmas would most likely see online gift cards being sold at discounted prices.

Super-fast Delivery

Compared to a physical gift card, delivering the digital code for the gift card is super easy. As the codes are delivered to your OffGamers account, customers will get their codes almost instantaneously.

Practical and Feasible

The digital Nintendo eShop card is virtually indestructible. Unlike a physical gift card, you would not have to worry about losing the gift card or potentially damaging it.

Hence, if you are staying in a country that is extremely cold like Norway, it is best to get a digital gift card as you can potentially damage physical cards due to the moisture from the cold outdoors.

Different Payment Choices For The Nintendo eShop Gift Card Europe

When you are purchasing the card online, many websites like OffGamers offer multiple payment choices. For instance, OffGamers have the best payment support for Europeans like Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

And if you prefer other alternatives, online banking and selected e-wallet options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Nintendo eShop Europe

What are the steps to redeem my Nintendo eShop card?

Step 1:
Turn on your device and enter the Nintendo eShop

Step 2:
Press ‘Add Funds’

Step 3:
Choose the option ‘Redeem a Nintendo eShop Gift Card’

Step 4:
Enter the code that you have received from your OffGamers account

What happens if I redeem my gift card outside Europe?

It will not work. All Nintendo eShop cards are region locked.

Will my received code be applicable on my Nintendo Switch?

Yes. All codes from the Nintendo eShop card are applicable to all modern Nintendo consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

How long would I need to wait to receive my code?

If there are no technical issues, customers purchasing the codes from OffGamers will receive their codes instantaneously to their OffGamer account via the order list.

Important Note

Before making your gift card purchase, be sure to read the following.
- The gift card you are currently purchasing will only be available for the EU region.
- Other websites that claim to provide exchanges or products in exchange for your Nintendo eShop gift card are not affiliated with OffGamers.
- Under no circumstances will OffGamers provide any form of compensation or refunds if customers were to fall for schemes on such said sites.