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Idle Monster (Global)

4.6 /5
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About Idle Monster

Idle Monster the best possible free idle game in 2016. Choose one of three classes - Warrior, Hunter and Mage - to automatically battle against enemies!

Game Features:

- 24/7 Battle
Even when you log out, your character will keep fighting the monsters and earn experience and gears for you. A marvelous function that makes your dream come true! You won’t miss any battle and can boost your EXP and loot gears even when you are sleeping.

- Job Change System
You may choose among traditional classes, either male or female, from strong and fearsome fighter, nimble and accurate hunter, or gorgeous mage who uses magnificent spells to blast the enemies, and combine your own skill set. By leveling up your Base level, you can advance your Job to higher classes. Use your wisdom to crush your enemies.

- Unique Smelting
You can smelt your common or unwanted gears for better items or smelting points. What are you waiting for? Awesome gears await!

- Hot Arena
You may show off your strength by defeating other players in the Arena. Defeat higher-ranked players to switch place with them and earn periodically distributed diamonds. Fight your way up to dominate the leader-board!

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1. Visit PlayComet game page. Login in and click on the "Recharge" to to purchase the Comet Points.
2. Click on the "Xsolla 700+ Payment Methods".
3. Click on the desired amount of Comet Points you wish to "Recharge" on your account and click on recharge to proceed with the checkout.
4. Click on "Confirm" to proceed.
5. Click "Show More Methods" and change the country to Singapore.
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