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Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG (Android) (Global)

4.3 /5
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About Idle MoonRabbit: AFK RPG

Hundreds of cool skill synergies! Incredible graphics and hit impact!

Non-stop farming with unique skill combinations!

Wipe out darkness with skills that look good and feel good!

Go on a journey to recover the Moonlight with Lyn the Moonrabbit!

▶ Various skills with unique effects and impact never seen before in Idle games!

Combine various skills and wipe out groups of monsters in one blow!

Power up your character and enjoy the thrill of combat! *Boom!* *Crash!*

▶ Diverse weapons and powerful growth system!

Collect Moonrabbit's wondrous Pestlezookas!

You can get the best weapon just by playing the game! Watch your damage skyrocket as you power up!

▶ Let's get stronger! See how your characters change as they become stronger!

Generous rewards that keep on coming and characters that evolve with the rewards!

Beautiful graphics!! Spectacular skill effects!! Cute characters!!

Get plenty of rewards and accelerate your growth! Plus ultra!

▶ Epic boss battles!

Defeat the boss with your unmatched mechanical skills!

Dodge! Hit! Knockdown! And defeat the boss! Easy, right?

▶ Story of Moonrabbit Lyn, the Guardian who opposes the darkness

Follow the story of Moonrabbit Lyn, the Guardian who lost the Moonlight to darkness!

Clear each chapter to advance the story and defeat powerful bosses with Lyn! Save the Moon together!