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Message and video chat with your friends and family with Imo, a free and great messaging app designed to let you communicate with whoever you want, wherever they are, with no hassle, and with no extra communication fees.

On Imo, you can also share your video and audio to a wide audience much like a streaming service, and you can send these people gifts with the premium currency on Imo: Diamonds.
To get Diamonds and unlock plenty of premium app features, or to recharge your account and make international calls, you can use an Imo Gift Code, which you can buy at OffGamers at cheap prices!

International Calls & Chats Made Easy

With Imo, you’re given plenty of convenient features that make messaging less of a hassle in terms of accessibility, while giving you many platform-exclusive perks that make using the app worthwhile.

As a messaging service that you can link to your phone number, Imo has all of the standard functions of a communication app, and several unique features:
- Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.
- Compatible with a wide range of network types like 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.
- High quality video and voice calls for local and international recipients.
- Send multimedia messages of multiple types, like .doc, .mp3, .zip, .pdf, and more.
- Massive group and video chats, up to 20 members.
- International calls with no extra charges.
- Cloud storage sync for message archiving.
- Stylishly customisable profiles.
- And many more!

Imo also features large chatrooms and groups where you can interact with people who share your interests or passions, and feel like you’re part of a community. You can also stream your video feed to these same groups or a wider audience on Imo, and you can do just about whatever fun activities you want, and some people can even gift you with premium currencies as thanks or support!

OffGamers Payment Options for Imo Code

With how interconnected our world is today, an online storefront like OffGamers has to be able to fulfil our customers’ needs, particularly in the availability of payment options in their respective countries and currencies. No need to worry though, as we’ve secured just those, like e-wallets, online banks, credit cards, debit cards, and various other forms of payment!

PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard are the most common payment methods used by customers from all over the world, but if you seek other specific ways to pay, you can visit this page to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Imo Code

How to redeem IMO Code?

1. On the app, go to your account profile and select ‘Imo Wallet’.
2. Select ‘Recharge’ and specify your region.
3. Choose ‘Mintroute’ as your payment option and choose the appropriate denomination.
4. Type out your PIN code as prompted and confirm.

Why is my gift code not working?

When you top up your Imo code, please make sure that you’ve inputted your code carefully, avoiding any typos, and that you have a stable internet connection while doing so. If your code still isn’t working, you can try again after waiting for a few moments, or refer to customer service for assistance.

How long is the Imo code valid for?

While your Imo code does not have a close and explicit expiration date, it is still recommended to redeem your code at your earliest convenience to prevent any unwarranted problems from arising.

How does the Bubble feature work on Imo?

These bubbles function like popups that persist throughout your phone’s applications, and can be accessed at any time by tapping on the bubble icon without having to leave the previous screen or app. From here, you can then reply and compose messages, or close the bubbles by dragging them down to the bottom of the screen.

To activate imo’s iBubble feature, enter your profile page and look for ‘iBubble’. From here, you can switch it on or off.
This product is ONLY applicable for Android version APP.