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IMVU Prepaid Card

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IMVU Prepaid Card
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About IMVU

IMVU the #1 interactive, avatar-based social platform that empowers an emotional chat and self-expression experience with millions of users around the world. More than a life simulation, IMVU is a virtual life unto itself, where you can enter a 3D world with your avatar and choose your life as you want it to be.

Where to Use IMVU Prepaid Card?

IMVU Prepaid Card is used where you really want to get the hottest outfits or accessories or shoes for your avatar. You can use IMVU Prepaid Card to purchase IMVU dress for special events, cosplay or change your entire dressing style to be proud of your creativity.

Dress up your style, your way with IMVU and top up with IMVU Prepaid Card through OffGamers today!

How to redeem IMVU Prepaid Card?

1. Visit IMVU official site and login to your account.
2. Enter the redemption code to complete the transaction.