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OffGamers is a great site for those looking to buy iTunes Gift Card, as we provide a good range of values to choose from and a simple interface for users to navigate. Customers are also protected with our 2-factor authentication process in place amongst others.

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iTunes Gift Card
iTunes Gift Card (MX)
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A Brief Look At The iTunes Gift Card Mexico

Scratching your head over what to gift your friend for their birthday or if you are prepping festival gifts, the iTunes card is the best and most convenient choice!

The iTunes card is extremely easy to use and affordable! Sent via a redeemable code from us at OffGamer, all you need to do is enter the code and the funds will then be added, making this the ideal gift for someone who is a frequent user of Apple’s products and services.

So, what are you getting out of this card? You can use the card for various purposes, mainly to make purchases from the iTunes Store and App Store. Plus, you can also purchase many games from Apple Arcade, get the bestsellers from Apple Books and catch the latest shows and movies from Apple TV+.

Subscription services like Apple Music can also be renewed using the iTunes gift card.

And at OffGamers, you will be able to select iTunes cards from as low as MXN300 to MXN600.

Knowing the Difference: iTunes Gift Card and Apple Store Gift Card

We understand that it is very difficult to tell the difference between an iTunes Gift Card and Apple Store Gift card, especially if you are relatively new to their products. No worries though, as we will be here to walk you through their differences.

Firstly, the iTunes Card that you have bought from OffGamers is presented in a redeemable code. This code will be sent to your OffGamers account, so be sure to check your orders from OffGamers’ website once you have purchased the gift card from us.

Also note that the credits redeemed from the iTunes card are mainly used for purchases on the iTunes store and App Store.

As for the Apple Store Gift Card, the card will be presented with different color options from gray, white, silver, or gold. However, the big difference here is that the Apple Store Gift Card can only be used on Apple’s Online Store or at a retail store that sells authorised Apple products.

Hence, make sure to check and check again before purchasing, just so to ensure that you are purchasing the right card.

Reasons to Pick OffGamers For Your Gift Card

With so many online options to choose from, you will probably be wondering why choosing OffGamers is the ideal choice.

Seasonal Events and Discounts

Be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, here at OffGamers, we provide our customers with timely rewards and promos for special occasions! Remember to check us out whenever there’s a celebration around the corner!

Instantaneous Process

Barring any technical problems, our delivery process is instant. Once you have purchased your iTunes card, you can immediately check your order list from your OffGamers account with us and you would have received the redeemable code.

Safe and Trusted

OffGamers also practice the due diligence of ensuring that all our customers’ data and information are properly safeguarded from malicious theft attempts. As such, all of our sites are SSL encrypted for optimal security.

Convenient with Multiple Payment Choices

Not only do we provide a secure transaction process, our payment services are also commendable due to its variance. For instance, we provide the two most preferred payment for Mexicans:

- PayPal
- DaoPay

And if you prefer other options, we do also support online banking and other selected e-wallet services.

Frequently Asked Questions About The iTunes Gift Card Mexico

How can I easily redeem my iTunes Gift Card?

Steps to redeem your iTunes Card are:
1. Enter the App Store from your device
2. Choose ‘Today’, located at the bottom of your screen
3. Log in to your Apple account
4. Enter your code using the ‘Redeem Gift Card or Code’ button
5. Tap ‘Done’ and the credits will be added

Will I be able to use my iTunes gift card outside of Mexico?

Unfortunately, there is a region lock for the iTunes card. Hence, if you have bought the iTunes Gift Card Mexico, the iTunes card can only be used in Mexico.

Does my gift card have an expiration date?

So far, there are no set expiration dates for iTunes cards, but we do suggest that users redeem the iTunes Gift Card Mexico code immediately as Apple reserves the right to alter their terms and conditions without prior notice.

Is there an option where I can share my purchases?

Yes there is! The easiest way is to use the Family Sharing Option where up to 6 members are allowed to enjoy your purchases.

Important Note

Remember to take a quick look at the following disclaimers before purchasing the iTunes Gift Card Mexico from OffGamers.
- OffGamers is not in any way related and affiliated with websites that claim to exchange your gift card for products and services.
- In a given scenario where our customers were to lose their gift card to these websites, OffGamers will not be held responsible in any way. Thus, no refunds and reimbursements will be provided.
- The iTunes card is not in any way refundable for cash exchanges and resales.
- Upon purchasing the iTunes card, the customer would have agreed to the terms and conditions stated under Apple Policy.