iTunes Gift Card

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You could access so much when you buy iTunes Gift Card for your daily life. There are all sorts of entertainment and knowledge to be unlocked with this gift card in hand. The Apple library hosts thousands of titles on every platform for you to discover.

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iTunes Gift Card
iTunes Gift Card (Russia)





Here’s What An iTunes Gift Card’s All About

If you have a friend or relative that is a fan of Apple products and services, then this gift card is the perfect gift for them!

What the iTunes gift cards do is that they provide its users with a redeemable code that you can redeem for extra credits.

These iTunes gift cards can be used on various Apple items from the iTunes store, App Store, iBooks Store and Apple Arcade. Subscription to these services can also be renewed/paid using the credit redeemed from the gift card.

The iTunes gift card is very easy to use and with just a couple of taps and clicks will allow you to feasibly top up your credit.

So if you are eyeing for an affordable iTunes Gift Card, purchase it at OffGamers where we include gift cards ranging from as low as 500 RUB to 3,000 RUB.

Learning The Difference Between iTunes Gift Card and Apple Store Gift Card

Do take note if this is the first time you are purchasing an iTunes Gift Card Russia. New buyers often get both the Apple Store Gift Card and the iTunes Gift Card mixed up.

Therefore, we encourage our buyers, especially for those who are not familiar with Apple products to read the following.

First let us go over the iTune Gift Card Russia, which can be purchased at OffGamers. Once you have purchased the gift card, you will be sent a code and using the code, you can redeem credits with it. The iTunes gift card credits can be used on products on iTunes store and the App Store only.

As for the Apple Store Gift Card, these cards will commonly come in different color choices. The main difference between an Apple Store Gift Card and an iTunes Gift Card is that the Apple Store Gift Card is only valid in an Apple Online Store or at a retail store carrying Apple products.

So, be sure to check beforehand when you are about to make the purchase for each respective card.

What You're Getting With OffGamers

It is true that there are many other places you can go to purchase the iTunes gift card. Question is, what makes OffGamers the better choice for your gift card purchase?

Better Deals and Better Rewards

Here at OffGamers, we will have occasional promotions, especially during seasonal festivals!

Events like Christmas and Black Friday are some of the best times you can get your iTunes card for an amazing deal! Promos include exciting discount rates with huge savings!

And if you are figuring out the best gift to present to your loved ones, shopping at OffGamers for the best gift card options is most definitely the right choice.

Secure and Safe

We ensure that all information our customers provide for us is safe and secure. Our websites are all SSL encrypted which prevents hackers and third party sources from hacking our site.

Hence, users of our site will not have to worry about their data being stolen or hacked, as we have done our due diligence in ensuring that your information is stored securely.

Quick Delivery Service

We make sure that all our digital products are delivered at a quick and swift rate.

Barring any technical errors, our delivery speed should be instantaneous. The gift card code will be sent to your OffGamers account. Therefore, to check for the code, you will need to log in to your OffGamers account and look through your order list from OffGamers’ website.

Best Payment Options

To make your purchase process more convenient, here at OffGamers, we provide a variety of payment options, catered to your preference.

As such, customers can pay using PayPal and WebMoney, which are the preferred options for our Russian buyers.

Or if you opt for an alternative method, we also support numerous e-wallet services and also online banking.

Frequently Asked Questions About The iTunes Gift Card Russia

How can I redeem my iTunes Gift Card Russia?

1. Check the App Store from your device
2. Press the ‘Today’ button which is located on the bottom of your screen
3. Tap the ‘Sign-in’ button on the top of the screen
4. Redeem your credits by choosing the ‘Redeem Gift Card or Code’ option
5. Insert the code and tap ‘Done”

Can my gift card be used at other EU nations?

No you cannot. Your iTunes Gift Card Russia can only be used and redeemed from Russia and not anywhere else.

Is it possible to share my purchases made with the gift card?

Yes you can! The simplest way to do this is to add the individuals you want to share your purchases with under the Family Sharing option. Up to 6 members are allowed and these members will be able to use your purchases

How to check my gift card balance?

The balance of your iTunes card can be checked via the iTunes Gift Store. Be sure you are logged in, and select the ‘Feature’ tab.

Scroll to the bottom of your screen and under your Apple ID, there will be a number that indicates your gift card’s balance.

Important Note

When purchasing the iTunes Gift Card Russia from OffGamers, there are a couple of things you need to take note about.
-Websites that claim to offer products and services through iTunes codes are not affiliated with OffGamers
-Under the circumstances that users lose their credits, iTunes card or information via these websites, OffGamers will not be held responsible.
-iTunes Gift Cards are not redeemable for refunds, cash and resales
-Upon completion of purchase, customers will have agreed to the terms and conditions under Apple Policy.