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Johren Credits (Global)
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About Johren Credits

Johren Credits are a form of in-game currency for Johren games. These credits could be used to purchase all sorts of items from any Johren game like cosmetics, upgrades and more. You could use it to progress further in the games and buff up your characters during crucial moments.

So make sure to get your cheap credits from us today for a fun experience in your favourite games! We’re sure to dazzle you with our cool discounts and promotions.

The Johren platform is committed to bringing you original Japanese games translated into your language for you to enjoy. If you are a fan of Japanese culture and games, this platform is one that you should explore as they offer a variety of games and are constantly growing to accommodate more.

Top Johren Games (Free & Paid)

Johren is home to a number of games from free to paid and mobile games to games you can play on your PC. Some of their top free to play games include Mist Train Girls, Magicami and Kamihime Project - all of which are mainly RPG games with turn-based battles.

Their top premium paid games include Pankapu, Tengami and BAFL which are a mismatch of genres that are unique on their own. Pankapu is an action platformer, Tengami is an adventure puzzler and BAFL is an arcade-style racing game.

Johren has some pretty promising games that are fun to play, so give them a try today!

Payment For Johren Credits

Here at OffGamers, we have a wide selection of payment methods available. Globally, our customers tend to prefer using PayPal and Adyen or credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard.

However, you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with. We’ve got online banking options, debit cards, e-wallets and more for you to choose from. You can shop with us from anywhere in the world, and we’ll accommodate you. Plus, we’ve got some promotions and discounts when the festivities come around so we’ll make sure you get the best deals for your games.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Johren Credits

How to redeem Johren Credits?

1. Visit the Johren website and log in with your ID.
2. Go to the Credits Store.
3. Input your Johren Serial Code under ‘02 Add Credits’ and click on ‘Use Codes’.

How to check Johren balance?

Your balance should be reflected on the header of the Johren website next to the Credits icon whenever you’re logged in.

Do these credits have an expiration date?

No, they do not. Only credits obtained for free will have an expiry date, and an email will be sent a week before the expiration date as a reminder to put them to use.

What are Johren Serial Codes?

Johren Serial Codes are used to add Credits that work as in-game currency into your account.

Why are my credits (Johren) not working?

Make sure you’ve entered the right code and try refreshing the site. If this doesn’t work, do contact our customer service for help or take a look at Johren’s support page for more information on the matter.