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With a Monstrum Game Code, you can enjoy Team Junkfish’s creative, procedurally-generated take on the survival horror genre on Steam, and you can buy your code from OffGamers at cheap prices! Don’t forget to shop with us regularly to catch the latest discount promotions at our store, especially during holidays like New Year and Christmas!

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Junkfish Games
Monstrum (Global)
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Monstrum Game Code (Global)

Enjoy the thrill of a procedurally-generated first person horror game with the Monstrum Game Code from OffGamers! With this digital code, you can add the game Monstrum to your Steam account without having to purchase it with cash, credit, or other payment methods, making it both safe and convenient to use.

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About Monstrum Game

Made by Team Junkfish, Monstrum is a fresh spin on the traditional survival horror formula by remixing it with features like procedurally generated levels, AI-driven predators, and even a permadeath system, guaranteeing that each second of your playtime is filled with dread as you explore and experience Monstrum's atmospheric gameplay.

With this incredibly difficult and rewarding gameplay loop, even the most hardcore of players are given a challenge in Monstrum, where you must use every ounce of your wits to outrun and outsmart your pursuer, through an environment that is as lethal as the thing you're running away from.


- Three Unique Monsters
- In each playthrough, you're pitted against one of three monsters, whose patterns and tendencies you must learn to survive. Whether it's through an ambush or a direct confrontation, these monsters will, one way or another, make their way to you, with ever-changing strategies to keep even the most experienced gamers on their toes.
- Engaging Procedurally Generated Levels
No two playthroughs of Monstrum are the same. Each level is procedurally generated, meaning that your tactics for one playthrough won't necessarily work for the next, as environments and items change, as well as escape routes and level hazards.
- The First Death Is Your Last
In the event that you die in Monstrum, there will be no continues. You have to start all over again, in a new ship and with a new monster. A severely punishing system that gives each small victory that much more weight.

Enjoy the thrill and action the Monstrum video game brings with a Monstrum Game Code for Steam from OffGamers!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Monstrum (Global)

How to redeem Monstrum Game Code?

To redeem your Monstrum Steam code, follow these steps:
1. Log into the Steam client.
2. Go to the Games menu.
3. Click 'Activate a Product on Steam'.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your code when prompted.

Where to buy Monstrum Game?

You can purchase game pins and keys like the Monstrum Game Code for Steam at OffGamers, where we offer a variety of digital gaming products and services at cheap prices and flexible denominations. In addition to these affordable prices, we also provide special discounts for a majority of our products on occasions like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, and other dates throughout the year.

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How fast will I receive my Monstrum Key?

With our store’s instant delivery service for digital items, your Monstrum Game Code will be sent to your email the moment your payment is verified and processed.
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