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Buy your favourite KFC meals hasslefree with a KFC voucher at OffGamers! Enjoy cheap prices, instant delivery, 24/7 customer care, and seasonal discount promotions when purchasing from our website!

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KFC Voucher
KFC Voucher (Malaysia)





KFC Voucher Malaysia

With the KFC Voucher, you can order your favourite meals at KFC branches with as little hassle as possible - all you have to do is present your voucher to the cashier when ordering your items, and you’re good to go. No need to use cash, credit, or any other payment methods, and no extra charges as well.

Buy your KFC Voucher from OffGamers and enjoy cheap prices, instant delivery, and secure payment processing at our site!

Enjoy Budget Friendly KFC Meals Today

OffGamers KFC Coupon Malaysia

With their signature and infamous recipe of 11 herbs and spices, KFC’s menu has become renowned worldwide for its ever-evolving selection and classic flavours that remain a hit with the masses to this day.

KFC offers its customers in Malaysia a sizable selection of meals you can choose from, which include the following menus and KFC menu prices:

KFC Bucket Meals

These include buckets and family buckets such as:
6-pc, 10-pc, and 12-pc WoW Bucket, available for RM 50.49, RM 74.99, and RM 83.99 respectively.
5-pc, 9-pc, and 15-pc Combo, available for RM 39.99, RM 59.99, and RM 87.99 respectively.
6-pc, 10-pc, and 12-pc Family Feast, available for RM 44.99, RM 66.99, and RM 74.99 respectively.

Box Meals

For people who want full meals in one tight package, this category includes items like:
Spicy Smoky Crunch Box Meal, priced at RM 23.99.
Signature Box - Classic, priced at RM 20.99.
Colonel Classic Box, priced at RM 16.99.


Flavoured with the fabled secret 11 herbs and spices, these chicken meals include examples such as:
2-pc and 3-pc Spicy Smoky Crunch, sold at RM 23.49 and RM 19.49 respectively.
Dinner Plate Combo, sold at RM 20.49.
Snack Plate Combo, sold at RM 16.99.

Burgers & Twister

For customers who want a quick, easy to eat meal. Includes:
Zinger Classic Combo, costing around RM 16.99.
Colonel Classic Combo, costing around RM 12.99.
Cheezy Twister Combo, costing around RM 16.99.

Nuggets & Tenders

Bite-sized and still filling, this menu has products like:
6-pc and 9-pc Nuggets Combo, available for RM 15.49 and RM 18.49 respectively.
Crispy Tenders Combo A and B, available for RM 18.49 and RM 19.49 respectively.

OffGamers Payment Methods for KFC Voucher Malaysia

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Our customers from Malaysia usually buy products via the use of Visa, MasterCard, CIMB Clicks, PayPal, Boost, ShopeePay, RHB, PBe Bank, Maybank2u, and offline payment methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions about KFC Voucher for Malaysia

How to redeem KFC Voucher?

Save your KFC Gift Voucher to any mobile device and visit any participating KFC outlet near you.
When ordering your food, inform the cashier that you’d like to use your voucher as a payment method.
Present your voucher to the staff for them to process. The value of your KFC Voucher will then be used to pay for your items. If the value isn’t enough, you can cover the remainder with other payment options like cash, credit, etc.

Where to buy cheap KFC Gift Card?

You can purchase a KFC Gift Voucher from OffGamers, where you can find it at cheap prices. These cheap prices also get even better during promo runs on certain occasions like Lunar New Year, Black Friday, New Year, and more, so don’t forget to visit us on these dates to grab these great deals!

How long is the voucher valid for?

Your KFC Voucher does not have an explicit expiration date, but we still strongly recommend that you redeem it at your earliest convenience to avoid any potential inconveniences.

How fast will I receive my KFC Coupon?

Your KFC Coupon will be delivered to your email address right after your payment has been processed, thanks to our store’s instant delivery service.