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Kingsisle Game Card
Kingsisle Pirate 101 (Global)
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About Kingsisle Pirate 101 (Global)

Kingsisle Pirate 101 is an elaborate virtual world where players create a customizable Pirate and embark on an epic and daring adventure! Choose from any of the 5 pirate class types including the sneaky swashbuckler, strong buccaneer, magical witchdoctor, master commander privateer, or the sharpshooter musketeer. The greatest treasure ever dreamed of is out there somewhere in the Spiral, waiting for your Pirate to find it! Do you have what it takes to get to it before the evil Armada does? Sail your ship through the skyways, build your pirate crew for tough fights, battle alongside and train your trusty pet, engage in ship to ship combat, and hang out with your fellow pirate friends in your own house!

Kingsisle Pirate 101 offers two different payment options to access premium content. A Membership allows players to have access to all premium zones in Pirate101 all the time. Members have additional benefits including larger backpack space, larger friend’s list, and faster energy regeneration as well as many other great benefits! Crowns allow players to purchase and play premium zones at their convenience. Crowns also allow players to purchase fun powerful items in the Crown Shop. Recharge Kingsisle Wizard 101 (Global) via OffGamers now!

How to top up Kingsisle Pirate 101 (Global)?

1. Go to Kingsisle Pirate 101.
2. Login or create a new Pirate 101 account.
3. Enter the PIN Code as directed.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to play Pirate 101.