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About Mango Live

Mango Live is a platform where everyone from all walks of life can live stream their talents to the world.

Besides that, users and viewers can also interact with the streamers that they like through the platform’s live chat function.

Hence, Mango Live is the ideal place for individuals who want to meet like-minded people or to broadcast their talent to the global audience.

Best Mango Live Features

Here are some of the best features users will get to enjoy with Mango Live top up.

Different Types of Streamers

On Mango Live, you will be exposed to a huge variety of content. There are many streamers that excel in dancing, singing or even just casual chatting.

Therefore, if you need someone to chat with, you can do it easily at the comfort of your home digitally with Mango Live!

Giving Back to Streamers

If you found a streamer that you resonate with on Mango Live, you can send them virtual gifts through Mango Live top up diamonds.

Choosing OffGamers to Top Up Your Mango Live Account

Decided to make your Mango Live top up with OffGamers? Brilliant choice! Here are some of the best perks when you top up diamonds with OffGamers.

Fast Delivery Time

Barring any technical difficulties, the direct top up of your diamonds will be instantaneous. Although, do make sure that you have entered the correct account number to avoid any unwanted errors.

Special Promotions and Discounts

During events like Chinese New Year or Christmas, OffGamers will hold exclusive promotional deals online where you can purchase the Mango Live top up for extremely cheap prices.

24/7 Customer Service

On the off chance that you encounter any issue with OffGamers’ service, you can immediately contact our Customer Service team anytime. Additionally, if you prefer texting, OffGamers also has a live chat function which you can alternatively get in contact with the person in charge.

Multiple Payment Options

When purchasing your Mango Live top up from OffGamers, you get to purchase the diamond top ups via multiple payment options.

For instance, you can use their Mastercard or Visa credit card to do their payment or even through e-wallet services like Boost and PayPal.

Alternatively, online banking from prominent banks like Maybank2u and CIMB Clicks is also an option if younprefer using this method.

To learn more about OffGamers’ payment info click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mango Live Top Up

What are the steps to top up my Mango Live?

Step 1
Head over to the product page of Mango Live Malaysia top up on OffGamers and select your desired product.

Step 2
Press the “Direct top-up” button and enter the information requested and proceed to payment.

Step 3
Choose your payment option and when the transaction is successful, you will receive the diamonds on your Mango Live account.

Which devices are Mango Live available on?

Mango Live is available for mobile devices that support the latest iOS and Android operating systems.

How does the Live Function of Mango Live work?

Streamers or you yourself can choose to broadcast your activities to the world to showcase your talents.

As such, you can either be a live streamer or a viewer on Mango Live.