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About 4Games GCoins (Global)

4Games (Global) is an interactive entertainment platform that publishes free-to-play online games that are popular especially in the Asia Pacific Region, promoting Chinese online games to other Oceanic regions. 4Games GCoins (Global) can be recharged to purchase in-game items like skins, war items, and gift crafting depending on the game played.

Where to Use 4Games GCoins (Global)?

4Games Top Up GCoins (Global) can be purchased to top up free-to-play games published by 4Games (Global). One of the popular MMORPG Chinese online games is Perfect World (4Games) also known as Wan Mei Shi Jie (4Games). The community of such MMORPG is created such that players is living in a virtual reality world, obtaining fighting skills and influential power to win in warring strategies.

Touch (4Games) is a free-to-play online game that gives gamers an amazing experience in dancing to the latest K-pop songs. Download the game now to create your baby and angels and watch them dance! Use 4Games GCoins (Global) to top up your gaming experience with exclusive skins and fairy dust dance moves. What are you waiting for? Hit the download button and enter the amazing virtual reality world to re-create a brand new you!

4Games GCoins (Global), the easiest and fastest way to top-up and recharge for Perfect World, Touch, Zhu Xian is available at OffGamers.

How to top up 4Games GCoins (Global)?

1. Log in to 4Games, click on "Payment".
2. Select GCoins Recharge as 4games top up option.
3. On the 4Games Payment page, select OffGamers as your preferred payment.
4. You will be redirected to 4Games Top up page at OffGamers, click "Direct Top up" to buy.
5. Input your 4Games (Global) Account, check your product quantity and the denomination price before you click on the "Proceed to checkout" tab.
6. Select your payment method and your checkout currency. Click "Secure Checkout" to complete the process.
7. Confirm/complete your billing info for a successful checkout.
8. Click on "View order details" to view your order. GCoin will be added to your 4Games (Global) account.
- OffGamers is the authorized soft-pin distributor for 4Games Gcoins.