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Get IVACY VPN Subscription

With an Ivacy VPN subscription from OffGamers, you can enjoy the full benefits of Ivacy without needing to subscribe to it with payment options like credit cards or e-wallets. It also makes for a great gift if you know someone who’d like to have a VPN service to use for secure online browsing!

Get cheap prices when you shop for your Ivacy VPN subscription from OffGamers, and benefit from convenient store features like instant delivery and 24/7 customer support!

IVACY VPN Features

Ivacy VPN is a robust VPN service that offers customers with impeccable security when browsing online, giving you more control over your own data and where you can surf on the internet. With Ivacy’s features, you can remain anonymous and secure when surfing the web, along with several other benefits that make Ivacy one of the best VPN services available online.

Some of the features that you can expect from using Ivacy VPN include:
- 256-bit Data Encryption & Public Wi-Fi Security: providing users with practically impossible to penetrate security, as well as privacy when connecting to public Wi-Fi.
- Smart Purpose Selection: allows you to optimise your connection depending on your needs, whether it’s for Downloads, Geological Access, or Streaming.
- No Throttling or Geo-Restrictions: lets you experience the internet in full, with no ISP speed throttling or location restrictions.
- Internet Kill Switch: a feature that immediately halts your internet connection if it detects that your connection has dropped.
- Split Tunnelling: a feature that allows you to access both local and foreign content at the same time, giving you more flexibility over your connection choices.
- IPv6 Leak Protection: this prevents your IP address from leaking, and blocks third parties from tracking your online activities.
- Secure DNS: Ivacy prevents the leakage of your DNS by passing your connection through their secure, encrypted tunnel.
- DDoS Protection: with IVacy, you can be sure that your connection is free from malicious DDoS attacks.