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Johren Gift Card

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Access to an extensive library of Japanese games at your fingertips, thanks Johren gift card.

When you grab a Johren Gift Card, you're essentially picking up a prepaid digital pass to gaming greatness. You'll find a unique serial code, a combination of numbers and letters. Take this code to the Johren website and watch the magic happen as it transforms into Johren Credits.

Johren Credits are the currency that rules all Johren games, letting you grab items, level up, and more. Having plenty of Credits opens a gate to Johren universe, where you can make in-game purchases, snag virtual items, and boost your gameplay in one fell swoop.

Johren Credits come in various denominations and they never expire! Once they're in your account, they stay put until you decide to splurge on gaming goodness. They're always there, ready to make your gaming experience smoother than ever.

Choose a variety of our Johren gift cards:

- Johren 30,000 Credits.
- Johren 20,000 Credits.
- Johren 10,000 Credits.
- Johren 5,000 Credits.
- Johren 3,000 Credits.
- Johren 2,000 Credits.
- Johren 1,000 Credits.
- Johren 500 Credits.

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How to Use Johren Gift Card

Follow these instructions below to redeem Johren Credits:

1. Go to Johren Credits Storeand sign in with your account. Create an account first if you don’t have one.
2. Scroll down to the "Add Credits" section.
3. Type in the Johren Serial Code.
4. Click "Use Code".

Congrats! Now Johren Credits are added to your balance! The amount of credits is visible next to the credits icon on the header of any page on Johren website while you’re logged in.

About Johren

Explore the world of Japanese gaming with Johren, your passport to a treasure trove of Japanese games, all in English and Traditional Chinese. For those who love Japanese games, Johren is a dream come true. Dive into free titles like Touken Ranbu ONLINE, ReBless Zwei English ver, Legeclo: Legend Clover, and KAMIHIME PROJECT.

If you crave exclusive content and premium experiences, Johren has you covered with games like Duel Princess, Dawn of Kagura: Keika's Story (English), and YumeutsutsuRe:Master EN ver. The excitement never stops as new titles join Johren's catalog every month, along with thrilling game events and campaigns.