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MGC Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic

The MGC Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic Card is an alternative for you to get your online games and virtual goodies without having to use physical cash. It’s a great and easy cashless alternative for you to use safely online.

About Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic (SUN)

Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic is a fantasy MMORPG, and this newly released classic version is a reimagining and revival of the old Soul of The Ultimate Nation game. A great entry point for beginners to the game and a well-deserved treat for veterans that enjoy the game.

This revamped version will feature faster levelling, graphic optimizations, system changes and further UI/UX improvements for its players. The typical gameplay consists of five classes, a battle zone system, a guild system and various fighting styles for your chosen character.

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OffGamers Payment Options for MGC SUN Classic

We offer a huge range of payment options for those looking to purchase the Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic Card for cheap! Our payment options range from online banking to offline methods and e-wallets to credit cards. Globally, our customers tend to prefer using PayPal, Visa and Mastercard for their purchases with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions on MGC SUN Classic

How to redeem Soul of The Ultimate Classic?

To redeem follow these steps:
1. Go to Webzen’s official website and click on Top Up.
2. Click on Soul of the Ultimate Nation and click Continue.
3. Select Multi Game Card as your payment method.
4. Choose your preferred amount of Wcoin to recharge and click Continue.
5. Check your payment details and click Continue.
6. Input your Serial Code and Pin Code, and you’re done.

How to check SUN Multi Game Card Balance?

To check the MGC Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic card balance:
1. Go to the Multi Game Card website here.
2. Click on Check Balance.
3. Enter your card’s serial number and click on ‘View My Balance’.

Why is my MGC Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic not working?

Make sure you’ve entered the correct code and try refreshing the page before entering it again. If the problem persists, do contact our customer support team for further assistance and clarification on the matter.

Will the MGC Soul of The Ultimate Nation Classic Card expire?

Yes, all MGC cards have an expiry date of one year from the date of purchase. Do put your cards to use as soon as possible to avoid any potential fraud or loss due to expiration.
- This product is applicable for SUN Classic (Soul of the Ultimate Nation) ONLY.