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All About NetEase Pay for NetEase Games

NetEase Pay is created by NetEase Games, one of the largest video game and internet companies in the world based in China. It is an e-pin payment method by NetEase Games which can be used to top up in-game currencies or purchase selected gaming merchandise. It functions the same as NetEase Game Codes, so don’t worry!

Some of the game currencies that NetEase Pay currently supports would be LifeAfter (Mobile), Identity V (Mobile), Rules of Survival (Mobile), and Onmyoji Arena (Mobile).

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Frequently Asked Questions for NetEase Pay (Global)

What is NetEase Pay?

An e-pin payment method that could be used to top up certain games that were developed by NetEase as well as their game merchandise. However, this pin is available for Android users only.

What can you do with NetEase Pay?

You can use it as a payment method when checking out from certain game sites to top-up in-game currencies as well as to buy gaming merchandise for selected games.

How to top up using NetEase Pay Pins?

1. Visit the selected game’s website.
2. Select your server and insert your Player ID.
3. Select NetEase Pay.
4. Select your recharge value.
5. Enter NetEase Pay card number and password to redeem.
6. It should be credited to your account.

Where to get NetEase Pay Pins?

You can get NetEase Pay Pins online through authorized sellers and trusted sites like OffGamers. Always remember to get your pins from trusted and authorized sources to avoid potential fraud.

Is NetEase Pay available on iOS devices?

NetEase Pay is available on both Android devices and iOS devices but there are certain NetEase Games that might not be supported on iOS devices.