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A great way to top up your game coins is with Nexon Game Card, so make sure to go online and buy Nexon Game Card, previously known as, Karma Koin with us today! With Nexon Game Card, your gameplay experience is sure to be improved, and your characters are significantly boosted.

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An Introduction To Nexon Game Card Global

Nexon Game Card is a form of prepaid game card that could be used as an alternative to credit cards when shopping for gaming products. Nexon Game Card or formerly known as Karma Koin is accepted by over 15 different game publishers, so you can use this gift card for a variety of different games.

This Nexon Game card is definitely one of the easiest to use when it comes to purchasing gaming products. Plus, you can even combine your Nexon Game Card into one so you won’t have to worry about handling too many cards at once. This also makes Nexon Game Card a great idea for a gift, especially for gamers.

So, if you’re looking for some Nexon Game Card, you can get them from us today!

Top Nexon Game Card Games

There is a wide range of games that you can use Nexon Game Card to top up or buy, so we’ve decided to show you some of the best games to use Nexon Game Card with.


MapleStory by Nexon has been going strong since its original release in 2003 and it has spawned various versions of the game released for 7 different countries overall. This classic MMORPG grants you the freedom to roleplay, defeat monsters and level up your characters as you go along.

Within the world of MapleStory, you would need to top up on your world’s currency in order to access certain items, and this is where Nexon Game Card comes in handy. You could use it to top up on your Mesos and take your characters to new heights.

World of Tanks

If you’re looking for something more on the war and battle side of gaming, we have World of Tanks by Wargaming. This is an MMO that revolves around tanks with a freemium concept. This means that there are extra features and content that can only be accessed through a paywall, which you can easily settle with some Nexon Game Cards.

The game focuses on battling with tanks in the Cold War era. There are team battles, special battles, random battles, stronghold battles and more for you to participate in. So, if this interests you, make sure to get your Nexon Game Card ready to access all of the available World of Tank content.

Path of Exile

An action RPG by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile is a game set in a dark fantasy world with seven different character classes to choose from. As a character exiled from your hometown, you must fight your way back home through ancient gods and evil beings.

Path of Exile employs a unique currency system where their currency is acquired by trading currency items. These currency items can easily be bought, just get some Nexon Game Card Codes and you can settle it with no grinding necessary.

Payment Options For Nexon Game Card

OffGamers Nexon Game Card payment options

Here at OffGamers, we offer a wide range of global payment options for those who shop with us. Be it for Nexon Game Card or other products on our site, we are here to help. Globally, our customers prefer to use PayPal and credit card options such as Visa and MasterCard when they shop for Nexon Game Card.

Either way, you decide what you want to use on our site. We’ve got payment methods that range from e-wallets to online banking and more for you to choose from if you’re looking for something other than Nexon Game Card PayPal options.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nexon Game Card

How to redeem Nexon Game Card Codes?

Redeeming Nexon Game Card depends on the game you want to use it for, but in general these are the steps:

1. Visit the website of the game you want to redeem your Nexon Game Card codes for
2. Select Nexon Game Card as the payment option during checkout.
3. Follow the instructions given.

How do I check my Nexon Game Card balance?

Go to Nexon Game Card’s website and under the ‘Check Balance’ tab, insert the pin of your Nexon Game Card. Click on ‘Check Balance’ and it will show your available funds.

Do Nexon Game Card Codes have an expiry date?

No, they don’t. Nexon Game Card Codes do not expire, but it is recommended that you put them to use as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted scams.

Is Nexon Game Card safe to use?

Yes, Nexon Game Card is safe to use. Make sure to get them from authorised sellers and trusted sources like the Official OffGamers to avoid any potential fraud.