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To get Mycard top up, follow these steps:

1. At brand, select MyCard Points.
2. At product, select MyCard Points.
3. Select the value you want to buy.
4. Select the quantity you want to buy.
5. Click ‘Buy Now’ and follow the payment instructions.

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MyCard Points
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Buy MyCard Points

With MyCard Points, you can use it to top up in-game currency for the game you like! MyCard Points is a great alternative way to top up credits to your game without the need for a credit card or digital wallet! That’s not all, MyCard Points is also supported by hundreds of games, making it the choice for players to use MyCard Points.

To buy MyCard Points can be a hassle as people do not know which store to trust for MyCard top-up, frustrating those who want to use MyCard Points for their favorite game. This is why OffGamers is now offering MyCard Points as an authorized distributor for MyCard!

MyCard Points are available under these categories:

- MyCard 10,000 Points
- MyCard 5,000 Points
- MyCard 3,290 Points
- MyCard 3,000 Points
- MyCard 2,500 Points
- MyCard 2,000 Points
- MyCard 1,690 Points
- MyCard 1,490 Points
- MyCard 1,150 Points
- MyCard 1,000 Points
- MyCard 750 Points
- MyCard 500 Points
- MyCard 450 Points
- MyCard 300 Points
- MyCard 170 Points
- MyCard 150 Points
- MyCard 90 Points
- MyCard 50 Points
- MyCard 30 Points

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How to redeem MyCard Exclusive Card?

1. Login into your MyCard account.
2. Click ‘Top Up’
3. Enter the card number and password.
4. Select the game you want to top up.
5. Enter your game details.
6. Confirm and click ‘Redeem’.

About MyCard

MyCard is a digital payment and prepaid card platform that is used mainly in Taiwan and other parts of Asia. It provides them a convenient way to top up their favorite game easily through their platform.