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The MyCard Points top-up is useful for those who enjoy easy access to topping up their games. MyCard can be used at over 1,000 digital stores worldwide as well, so you’re getting more access to more platforms.

Furthermore, when it comes to payment options, OffGamers has your back! We’ve got a ton of payment options for you to choose from, notable ones include Maybank2 View More ...
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MyCard Points
MyCard Points (MY/SEA)
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About MyCard Points for Malaysia

MyCard Points provides users with the ease of accessing payment options for more than 1000 digital store contents globally, and caters to a variety of customers regularly. Similarly user friendly, OffGamers is the official authorised distributor for MyCard, so transactions with our website are guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Enjoy the great option of reliable ways to pay in your games via MyCard, and further enhance your online gaming experience whenever and wherever.

Buy Digital Content with MyCard Points

These Points allow you to add funds to your MyCard account without hassle, which then lets you purchase a variety of online content through their app. Famous among their user base, some of these supported content include:
1. World of Tanks (PC)
2. Summoners Legends (Mobile)
3. Hundred Soul (Mobile)

Various other exciting online services are available for browsing in their app, so jump right in by purchasing for MyCard!

Offgamers Payment Options for MyCard Malaysia

Here at OffGamers, we offer numerous methods of paying for your digital goods and gaming needs, and Points are no exception. Internationally, we accept payment via MasterCard and Visa Cards. Malaysian customers can also secure their purchases through offline payment, or the use of eGHL, M2Upay, and CIMB Clicks, among others. If you have an e-wallet like ShopeePay, PayPal, Boost, or more, you may also feel free to use them.

For other payment categories, click here for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding MyCard Points for Malaysia

How to top up MyCard in Malaysia?

1. Visit this link and fill out the necessary information, particularly the Card Number and Password.
2. Choose which game or digital content you would like to top up currency for.
3. Input your game ID or membership ID, and your password to log in.
4. Confirm your ID, and a pop-up indicating successful transaction will appear.

Can I transfer my Points to other games or services?

No, Points can only be used for one game or online content branch, which is selected in the top up process. Once redeemed, it cannot be transferred. Please make sure to double check which service you would like to top up for before confirming.

Where can I buy Points for Malaysia?

You can purchase Points for cheap at OffGamers’ website, in denominations ranging from 30 points to 10, 000 points. Once you have purchased points, please refer to the instructions on how to top up above.

How do I check for my MyCard balance?

Once you have topped up your Points, you may view your account balance in the MyCard app by selecting the “Member” icon at the bottom right side of the screen. Your account’s points should be displayed at the centre of the screen right after.
- OffGamers is the authorized distributor for MyCard.
- MyCard Points (MY/SEA) is prohibited for use in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & China.
- MyCard Member Top-up Service is NOT AVAILABLE to MyCard Points that issued by Southeast Asia Countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines)
- MyCard Points (MY/SEA) is not for MyCard Member recharge usage.

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