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These MyCard Points are useful for everyone, not only gamers, as you can use them on a huge range of digital content. This includes social networking sites, games and online shopping sites where they can be used as a payment option.

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MyCard Points
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All About MyCard Points Singapore

MyCard Points Singapore can be used in a wide range of digital content from online games to social networking sites. It is used as a way to reload in-game currency or as a payment method for certain games and sites.

These cards are widely used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao for game points but are accessible worldwide. If you’re looking to play games and to keep in touch with friends and family, then MyCard Points provides a one-stop solution for all.

If you’re wondering what familiar games you could reload with this card, there’s World of Tanks (PC), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and even The Sims on PC. Spend hours playing multiplayer battles with your friends in all-out tank battles, or just enjoy the simple and relaxing tasks in The Sims. Please do note that most of the supported games are only for those located within the SEA region though.

Reasons To Use MyCard Points Singapore

MyCard Points  Singapore

Digital Content Access

You will be granted access to over a thousand digital content worldwide, as these cards are supported globally. These cards can also be used to top up and buy your favorite games or digital content wherever and whenever you want on various platforms.

There are no hidden restrictions when it comes to purchasing any of the supported content. The top-up process is also straightforward and you don’t have to worry about the experience being a hassle. So, shop away with no worries.

It is a secure and easy way to reload your in-game currencies or renew your subscriptions. Simply buy a MyCard Points Card and top up now!

MyCard Exclusives

Certain games and platforms have exclusive MyCards for ease of access and exchange. Some samples of MyCard exclusives would be the MyCard Line Card, MyCard Steam Card, and MyCard PUBG Card which can only be used to redeem currencies or points within those games or platforms. So pay extra attention when you’re buying these exclusive MyCards that are tied to one specific game or platform.

This is a cool way to ensure exclusivity, and ease of direct access to those games and platforms. So, if you’re looking for an easy reload option look no further! MyCard Points Singapore is here for you.

Exclusive MyCard Points Promotions & Discounts

We include special promotions and discounts for these cards sometimes which makes it a cheaper option when compared to other payment methods your games might have. This means that you can top up or reload your favorite games and entertainment platforms at a lower price. You could also pair the discounts that we have with the platform’s seasonal promotions to enjoy more savings.

These promotions and discounts are usually available for a limited time, and you can bet that we’ll help you save big time during seasonal sales as well. You might want to subscribe to our newsletter or just follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on our big seasonal promotions. So, save your coin and get your MyCard Points from us!

MyCard Points Payment Options

Buying MyCard Points Singapore has never seemed so easy! We’ve got all your preferred payment options and more lined up for you in a secure gateway, so you don’t have to worry about privacy and security. These are all well-known and trusted payment gateways that are used by a lot of users.

Below you can take a look at the top 5 payment options our Singapore customer base prefer:

- United Overseas Bank Limited Singapore (ATM / 3rd Party Transfer)
- Rapyd - SG PayNow
- Rapyd - DBS PayLah!
- (Visa)
- PayPal EC (Wallet)

Wherever you’re shopping from, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of payment options. We’re talking e-wallets, credit cards, online banking, and more! So, don’t hesitate to shop with us, we got your back. If you need any assistance, you can always contact our support team.

Frequently Asked Questions About MyCard Points Singapore

Where to use MyCard Points?

You can use this card to reload games and digital content online. Do refer to their list of available games and digital content platforms here.

How to top up MyCard Points Singapore?

1. Visit the MyCard Payment Center.
2. Input your MyCard number and password, click Proceed.
3. Click on your desired game or digital content.
4. Input your desired game’s member ID and password, click Confirm.
5. The value should be reflected in your account.

How to check MyCard Points?

Log into your account and look under ‘Member Transaction Details’. Your balance and past transactions should be reflected there.

Do MyCard Points expire?

No, they do not expire. But it is always advisable for customers to put their cards to use as soon as possible to avoid any potential fraud or unwanted scams.

Where to buy MyCard Points Singapore?

You can buy these cards through authorized online sellers like OffGamers or through MyCard’s very own shopping mall. For further details on where you can buy this card, head over to MyCard’s FAQ page.
Important Note & Disclaimer:
- OffGamers is the authorized distributor for MyCard.