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Progressing through the game is about day-to-day grinding, meaning that you need turn on your console or PC at least once a day. After that, you will have to invest hours of your time to play the game until you reach your goals.

Besides doing that, there's another way that you can try to make your progress faster: using paid in-game items. As the name suggests, they cost you real money and people usually pay using credit or debit cards.

Topping up your game account using credit cards can be a bit of a hassle. Many people hesitate because they worry about their personal information being at risk. Don't worry, there's a safer way to do it, which is using NetEase Pay. This e-pin payment method doesn't require you to provide your personal information. NetEase Pay can be purchased through OffGamers marketplace.

Why You Should Buy NetEase Pay Pins on OffGamers?

Buying NetEase Pay has never been faster than with OffGamers. No matter how many NetEase Pay you want to buy, OffGamers ensures that you won't be waiting for more that 15 minutes to receive your NetEase Pay! Fast and seamless transaction is our priority.

With more than 200 localized payment methods, it will be much easier for you to shop with us from almost anywhere. Also, all of your transaction details are protected by SSL technology so hackers or scammers won't be able to read your data.

Unlike some other platforms, OffGamers is committed to providing a clear and upfront pricing structure. This means that the price you see during your purchase is the final price you'll pay. Thus, you don't have to worry about unexpected fees or additional costs creeping up on your transaction.

NetEase Pay Value

NetEase Pay:
- USD1.99
- USD0.99
- USD2.99
- USD4.99
- USD8.99
- USD 9.99
- USD17.99
- USD19.00
- USD49.99
- USD99.99

How to Redeem NetEase Pay

Follow these steps to redeem your NetEase Pay:
1. Pick the game you want to redeem your NetEase Pay for.
2. Select you server and player ID.
3. Choose NetEase Pay.
4. Select your recharge value.
5. Enter your NetEase Pay card number and password in the provided blank.
6. The amount will be sent to your account.

About NetEase Games

NetEase Games is the gaming division of NetEase, a Chinese technology company known for its involvement in various digital services, such as online gaming, e-commerce, music streaming, and more.

Some of the most popular titles from NetEase Games include Fantasy WestWard Journey, LifeAfter, Identity V, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Diablo Immortal, Naraka: Bladepoint, and Onmyoji Arena.

Moreover, NetEase has a number of initiatives in place to support independent developers and create new and exciting gaming experiences for players. For example, NetEase Games has a program called "Oasis" that provides funding and support to independent developers.