Nintendo eShop Gift Card

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The Nintendo eShop Card is the key to unlocking the various types of games available under the Nintendo name. You can buy games from all sorts of genres with just the Nintendo eShop Gift Card.

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Nintendo eShop Gift Card
Nintendo eShop Card (United States)
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Grab The Nintendo eShop Card US

The Nintendo eShop Card US is the key to accessing anything on the Nintendo platform. As Nintendo is a globally recognised brand with consoles distributed worldwide, they have a global reach in games.

The eShop Card could easily help anyone get games for any of their Nintendo made consoles, old or new. You will be rewarded with a quality gaming experience and more discounts for buying stuff from the Nintendo platform, which is cool!

The Best Nintendo Games

Some of the best Nintendo games you could get with your Nintendo eShop Gift Cards would be Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid Dread. These are all well-known games lovingly made by Nintendo for their various consoles.

They’ve got quite a number of genres available for you to choose from, and the most important thing is, you will always get a quality gaming experience.

Why You Should Get The Nintendo eShop Cards

Variety of Discounts & Promotions Available

Since you will be using the Nintendo eShop Gift Card on the Nintendo platform itself, they tend to have a number of special discounts and promotions available for you. Nintendo even has a rewards system in place known as Nintendo Points which you can get by buying things from their site.

These Nintendo Points grant cool rewards and stuff for you to redeem and get more bang for your buck!

Protected Form of Payment

Since it’s a simple gift card, you won’t have to worry about anyone stealing your private or banking information. You can make your purchases and reload your Nintendo account without having to provide any banking or personal details, just reload and shop!

The Nintendo platform itself should be well protected as well, so you won’t have to worry too much.

Easy To Use

The Nintendo eShop Gift Card is very easy to use! All you need is the 16 digit code to top up your Nintendo eWallet and use it to buy whatever games, in-game items or in-game currencies that you need. Literally, as easy as that!

You won’t have to scramble around or be lead through different websites to use the gift card. Just reload and buy whatever you need.

Available Payment Methods for the Nintendo eShop Card US

Here on our site, we have a multitude of payment options available for your shopping convenience, we’ll even notify you through email delivery! Our customers in the US usually prefer using PayPal, Adyen, Openbucks and offline payment methods for their purchases.

Even so, feel free to pick from our range of e-wallets, online banking, credit cards and more available on our site. You can also shop for some cheap gaming products with us no matter where you’re located in the world, we’ll try our best to provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Nintendo eShop Card US

How can I redeem my Nintendo eShop Gift Cards?

On your console, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Nintendo eShop.
2. Click Add Funds situated on the left.
3. Select ‘Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card’.
4. Enter the 16 digit code and you’re done.

Why is my Nintendo eShop Gift Card not working?

Make sure you’ve entered the right code for the right region, or try restarting your device. If this does not work, do contact our customer service or head to Nintendo’s support page for more information.

Can I use the eShop Card for Fortnite?

Yes, you can. Just top up your Nintendo eWallet with some cheap eShop Cards from us and use your balance to get anything you want from Fortnite.

Will the Nintendo eShop Gift Card expire?

No, they will not. But always make sure to put your cards to use as soon as you can to avoid any potential fraud.
- This product is applicable for US region only.

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