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The OffGamers Gift Card is the perfect item for your gaming needs, allowing you, or your recipient to purchase any of the cheap products available on our website, such as game keys, gift cards, and vouchers. Don’t forget to visit us regularly and on dates like Christmas and New Year to catch our special discounts, so you can get better value when you buy View More ...
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OffGamers Gift Card
OffGamers Gift Card (China)
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OffGamers Gift Card for China

When it comes to gifts for your gaming friends, the OffGamers Gift Card is one of the best products you can get, giving you the freedom to choose from a variety of products from the OffGamers store, such as gaming pins, game top ups, and other products like gift cards and vouchers. It’s the perfect present for yourself or anyone that’s a gamer at heart!

Enjoy cheap prices, instant delivery, 24/7 support, and secure payment processing when you buy products from our store today!

How to Surprise Your Gamer Friends with OffGamers Gift Cards

Whether they’re a console, PC, or mobile gamer, the OffGamers Gift Card is one of the best ways to give your friends and family a nice surprise for their hobbies, allowing them to use the gift card in a variety of ways at the OffGamers store, whether it’s for topping up for their favourite games or buying a game key for a title they’ve been anticipating for some time.

While you can just as easily give your recipient the gift card so they can get right into buying what they like, sometimes the act of giving can be spiced up to make the gift that much more special. Some ideas you can implement while gifting can include:
- Timing your gift, since a present given during special occasions like birthdays or holidays can feel even more special than a gift given at any time.
- Pair it with another gift, like another gift card or a game key for a title they've been wanting for some time.
- Treat it as a prize, like as a reward for a challenge you've set up or as a bonus for completing a co-op trial with your friends. Sometimes victory over an obstacle can make a gift feel even greater.

Of course, sincerity makes for the best packaging for any gift, and the OffGamers Card is the same. You can even buy one for yourself if you’d like, as self-presents are also some of the greatest treats you can give to yourself.

OffGamers Payment for OffGamers Gift Card China

Whether it’s with credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, online banks, or any other payment option, OffGamers guarantees that you’ll always be able to shop at our store hassle-free no matter where you are, or what currency you’d like to use to buy our products.

Customers from China usually prefer transacting with options like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and offline payment methods. You can also Click Here to view more information about payment options available in your country and/or currency of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about OffGamers Gift Card (CN)

What should I do to redeem my gift card?

1. Log into your OffGamers account.
2. Click the Profile icon at the top right.
3. Select ‘Redeem Gift Card’.
4. Enter your serial number & PIN.
5. Click ‘Next’.

The amount of store credit added to your account will be equal to the OffGamers Gift Card price/value.

Is the OffGamers Gift Card worth buying?

It definitely is worth buying, as it’s not only a great gift for gamers out there, but it’s also great for just about anyone, since you can use it to buy any product from OffGamers, be it gaming related items like game keys and store wallet credit, or gift cards and vouchers for restaurants and other establishments/services.

How long is the Gift Card valid for?

Your gift card is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, so please keep that validity period in mind when you buy OffGamers Gift Card denominations. We recommend that you redeem your gift card as soon as possible, but feel free to use it whenever as long as it’s within the specified 2 years of validity.
- This product can be redeemed globally and does not have any geo-restrictions.