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Minecraft (Global)

minecraft us cd key
USD26.95 Minecraft Game Card (Global)
US $25.50


Minecraft is a sandbox game, where the player creates the game themselves by manipulating the world within it. There are no specific objectives or goals, so everyone playing the game will have a very different experience.

Minecraft is not similar to other video games because 'playing the game' can mean something different to each player. The basic movement and actions through the game are the same for everyone however, depending on which platform the game is played (computer, iPad, iPhone, Xbox or Playstation). Players walk around, jump, dig and punch things with their hand as they go about their day building, mining or farming for resources and food, and crafting these into other useful things like tools and weapons... so they can do some more building, mining or farming.
  • Title: Minecraft
  • Publisher: Mojang
  • Developer: Mojang
  • Release Date: 2011-11-18
  • Language: English
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: MMO, RPG
  • Region: United State (US)