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Asiasoft Cash is a great way to top up your favourite games from CiB Net, Asiasoft and Jollity. We’re talking about games like MapleStory SEA, MU Online SEA, Flyff and more. Simply buy @Cash to be able to reload your games and enhance your gaming experience.

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PlayPark @Cash (Singapore)
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All About PlayPark @Cash (SG)

PlayPark @Cash (SG) can be used to top up your favorite in-game currencies from PlayPark that are currently published on PC and mobile through the App Store and Google Play Store. So now, you don’t have to worry about not having enough currency for in-game items!

For a short background on PlayPark, it is a part of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, or Asiasoft for short. Asiasoft is a leading regional online service provider in Southeast Asia that was established in Thailand back in 2001 and has seen an exponential rate of growth ever since.

Their timely entry into the market guaranteed them a good position within the regional and international competition, thus cementing their position as one of the leading providers in the industry.

Best Selling PlayPark Games

PlayPark Games

Asiasoft currently has about 30 games available for anyone to enjoy with plenty of different game genres to choose from. From action-packed MMORPGs to something more casual, they have it all! You don’t have to look far for a good mix of different game experiences parked under one umbrella, which makes purchasing in-game items so much easier.

So, if you’re unfamiliar with Asiasoft’s games offering, here are some of the best-selling and most played games available on PlayPark Singapore’s website that you could buy PlayPark @Cash (SG) to top up on.


One of the biggest and most well-known games out there, MapleStorySEA is still alive and kicking! This beloved MMORPG developed by South Korean company Wizet has been going for about 18 years and counting, even revised in several patches to be what it is today.

With added upgrades, MapleStory has changed to accommodate the modern world whilst retaining parts of its original self for those who would like a little nostalgic trip. Make sure to buy some PlayPark @Cash if you’re going down memory lane, though!

Genki Heroes

A slingshot action fantasy game, you don’t get many of these! All the perks of fantasy games with the simple mechanics of aiming a slingshot to get coins or attack enemies. There are 4 job classes to choose from, companions to grow with, missions and battles to fight through among many other events to work on.

As the game works to keep you busy, you could always buy some PlayPark @Cash Singapore to save yourself the grind - especially if you’re just a casual player.

Club Audition Mobile

A dance and rhythm game that was popularized on PC is now on mobile for you to enjoy. Club Audition Mobile allows you to join a community and befriend other players, as well as battle them. A rather social game where you could explore fashion, dance, and music (notably hit CPOP, KPOP, and JPOP songs).

There are also various events and real-time dance battles you could participate in. Well, if that’s right up your alley then make sure to buy PlayPark Cash cards to fund your extravagant life online!

PlayPark @Cash Payment Options

We offer a wide variety of payment options for you to choose from when buying PlayPark Cash (SG), so there’s no reason for you to put off getting one!

Listed below are the top five payment methods preferred by our Singaporean customer base:

- United Overseas Bank Limited Singapore (ATM / 3rd Party Transfer)
- Rapyd - SG PayNow
- Rapyd - DBS PayLah!
- (Visa)
- PayPal EC (Wallet)

From international to local online banking, e-wallets, and more, we got you covered! Just get some @Cash and pay however you like.

Frequently Asked Questions for PlayPark @Cash (SG)

How to check PlayPark @Cash balance?

You can check your @Cash balance by logging into your MapleStorySEA Passport Account and looking under ‘Check Balance’.

How to top up PlayPark @Cash?

1. Go to the PlayPark website and choose the game you want to top up.
2. As you hover over the game, click on the PlayID / CIB ID / Other ID button.
3. When you get to the Asiasoft Passport Login Page, enter your Login ID, Password, and Captcha Code then click Login.
4. At the @Cash Top Up page, click the Top Up option.
5. Input the Serial Number, Security Code, and Captcha Code.
6. Click Top Up.
7. The amount should be credited to your account.

Where can I use PlayPark @Cash?

You can use it for any of the games that were created and developed by PlayPark, across any device. For more information on what games you could use @Cash with, visit the PlayPark website.

Where can I get PlayPark @Cash?

You can get PlayPark @Cash from authorized sellers online like OffGamers. Do make sure that you get them from authorized sellers only to avoid any potential fraud. For further terms and conditions, visit the PlayPark Terms of Use page.
Important Note & Disclaimer:
- OffGamers is the authorized soft-pin distributor for PlayPark @Cash (SG).