PlayStation™Store Gift Cards

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For those with a PSN Gift Card, getting access to a PlayStation Plus subscription is easier. All you have to do is top up your account and purchase the subscription. You’ll be surprised at how many games you will have access to through the PSN Card.

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PlayStation™Store Gift Cards
PlayStation™Store Gift Cards (Russia)





On the PSN Gift Card in Russia

When it comes to gaming, one of the most prevalent names is PlayStation, who has been a household name in the console market ever since their debut in 1994. To this day, PlayStation has been evolving to provide ever more quality gaming experiences, console quality of life improvements, and other features that make playing on PlayStation that more profoundly pleasant.

The PSN Gift Card is an amazing gift that you can get for your PlayStation needs, since you can avail of just about everything on their platform with it - games, multimedia, premium subscriptions, you name it.

Grab yours now at OffGamers and reap the benefits of our secure account and payment systems, along with our great instant delivery service and cheap prices!

Getting More Out Of Your Games with PSN Battle/Season Pass

Aside from the latest and greatest games that can be found on the PlayStation store like Ghostwire Tokyo, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and Elden Ring, you can also make your gaming sessions even more fruitful by using your PSN Card to avail of game-specific Battle or Season passes.

These Passes primarily let players enhance their games with exclusive rewards that can be acquired through more playtime and other in-game missions, or even access to currently available and upcoming DLC packages.

Examples of these include Fortnite’s Season Pass, Far Cry 6 Season Pass, and the FighterZ Pass from Dragon Ball FighterZ. Make sure to check regularly on the PlayStation store news for more upcoming Battle/Season Passes for your favorite games!

OffGamers Payment Options for PSN Gift Card in Russia

For customers in the region of Russia, you could prefer the use of PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or Offline Payments.

Overall, OffGamers provides our customers with payment options like e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, online banks, and many others. Some of them, and other options available for your region, can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions about PSN Gift Card in Russia

How do I claim my PlayStation Network Card?

PSN Gift Card codes can be redeemed via the following methods:

1. On your console, open Settings > Users and Accounts, and go to the Account page.
2. In ‘Payment and Subscriptions’, select ‘Redeem Codes’ and provide your gift card code in the following page.

1. In your console’s PlayStation Store tab, at the foot of the sidebar, select ‘Redeem Codes’.
2. Type out your gift card code and confirm your transaction.

1. At the PlayStation official website, log into your account.
2. Select your avatar at the top right corner of the page and click ‘Redeem Codes’.
3. Provide your digital code and confirm.

Is PSN still free?

Yes, you can sign up for a PSN account for free and access all of PSN’s basic functionalities like account management and achievement tracking. You will need a PS Plus account to be able to use online multiplayer and other additional features, however.

Is my PlayStation Network Card region locked?

Unfortunately, yes. You can only use PSN Gift Card codes for the region that they were purchased in, for accounts registered in that region.

When will my PSN Card expire?

The PSN Gift Card does not have a set expiration date. Even so, we highly suggest that you top up your gift card as soon as you’ve received it to prevent issues that might arise later down the line.
- This product is applicable for RU PSN store only. (It is NOT redeemable for PSN accounts created in other countries than Russia)
- OffGamers is not affiliated, associated, or in any way connected with websites that promise exchanges and/or trades of PSN codes for other products. No refunds will be deemed applicable nor provided in such cases.

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