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Pokémon Unite (NS) (Global)

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An Introduction to Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a new MOBA introduced by The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios and is available to play on the Nintendo Switch. The game features 5v5 team battles headed by Pokemon in the standard MOBA mechanic.

Pokemon Unite is a free to play game with paid mechanics, where those who put in money through purchasing Aeos Gems or Aeos Coins could access better levels and items faster than those who play for free.

Pokemon Unite via the Nintendo eShop

Since Pokemon Unite is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, a surefire way to obtain its video game currency is by topping up your Nintendo eShop balance. Navigating through the Nintendo eShop is an easy and simple experience so you won’t have to stress too much, either.

It’s also a treat to play on a device that is mobile yet has a bigger screen when compared to other mobile devices. The controls are easier to navigate and everything functions smoothly on the Switch’s processor as well. Not to mention the huge library of Nintendo and Switch exclusive games out there available for you to try out whenever you want.

Types of Pokemon Unite Currency

There are five currencies in Pokemon Unite - Aeos Coins, Aeos Tickets, Aeos Gems, Holowear Tickets and Fashion Tickets; but we’ll be focusing on the first three as they’re the more important ones to note.

Aeos Coins can be used to purchase Unite Licenses and Held Items in Pokemon Unite. Unite Licenses or Pokemon Licenses are needed for you to unlock Pokemon to use in battle. It is a one-time unlock, so you can use the Pokemon for all of your battles. Held Items are buffs that your Pokemon could equip in battle to make them stronger under certain conditions.

Aeos Coins are the most common currency to be found in the game and you can get them every day when you log in and complete the daily missions, challenges and events.

Aeos Tickets are only used to purchase cosmetic items. These items do nothing but make you look cool on the field. There are multiple ways to get Aeos Tickets - the Battle Pass, completing challenges, winning ranked battles and levelling up. Aeos Tickets are for the trainer’s cosmetics. Holowear Tickets are for Pokemon cosmetics which are something else entirely.

What Are Aeos Gems?

Aeos Gems are the premium currency for Pokemon Unite and can only be obtained through exchanges with real-life currency. These gems can be used to purchase anything in the game, but most importantly the Battle Pass, which could give players faster access to more rewards.

The one thing these Gems can’t be used for is the Pokemon Unite skins that are exclusively accessible through Holowear Tickets.

Payment Methods For Pokemon Unite (NS)

We cater to customers from around the world, so rest assured that we would have the payment method you prefer available and ready for you to make your purchase. Worry less and get your Nintendo eShop Cards with us to top up on your Aeos Gems and Aeos Coins today! Our notable payment methods include PayPal and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pokemon Unite (NS)

How to get Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite?

The only way to get Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite is to purchase it with real life currency or with your Nintendo eShop balance which could be reloaded with Nintendo eShop Cards.

Are there bots in Pokemon Unite?

Yes, there are. Just like most MOBAs, Pokemon Unite does have AI-controlled bots in all of its matches, especially in Ranked Mode.

How to redeem Aeos Gems on Nintendo?

As long as you have a Nintendo eShop Card in hand, you can top up your Nintendo eShop balance which could be used to redeem Aeos Gems. Proceed with the following steps after reloading your balance:

- Open Pokemon Unite and tap the (+) button.
- Click ‘Obtain’ in the Currency Details menu.
- Choose your desired top-up value and confirm your purchase.

What is Aeos Energy?

Aeos Energy is needed to level up and evolve the Pokemon in each match as every Pokemon starts at a clean slate of level 1. You can gain Aeos Energy by defeating opponents and wild Pokemon.