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Think you want to buy Razer Gold? Well here are some reasons to make up your mind! Razer Gold can be used to top up some of the top games available out there, and you get more rewards when you do!

There are numerous payment options available if you’re thinking about getting Razer Gold as well like e-wallets, credit cards, offline methods and more. View More ...
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Razer Gold
Razer Gold (Colombia)





Getting to Know the Razer Gold Colombia

Stuck at a certain stage or just simply want to improve your gameplay experience?

Add funds to over 2,000 video game titles with the Razer Gold Pins with OffGamers! Getting pins is extremely convenient with the pins safely delivered via your order list from your OffGamers account.

The funds added to your Razer Gold can be used to purchase in-game items and accessories to bolster your gameplay and conquer harder game levels.

The pins can also serve as gifts. For instance, if you have a relative or friend that is an avid gamer, buy Razer Gold and easily put a smile on their face.

Be sure to take note that once the pin is used, the pin will be gone forever, so make sure when you’re gifting the pins, you are giving it to the right person!

Perks and Advantages in Purchasing the Razer Gold from OffGamers

Wondering why you should buy Razer Gold from OffGamers? There are actually many perks and benefits you would be getting with OffGamers!

Safe and Sound

All websites and pages on OffGamers are SSL encrypted. This means that customers’ information is protected from third-party sources.

Instantaneous Delivery

Once you’ve purchased the pins from OffGamers, they will be delivered to your OffGamers account. All you need to do is check your order list and the pin will be there.

Convenient Payment Options

As OffGamers is dedicated in making customers’ transactions convenient, they have support for multiple payment gateways. For instance, one of the most famous payment methods in Colombia like PayPal is available on OffGamers.

Other alternatives include online banking and selected e-wallet options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Razer Gold Colombia

What are the easy steps to redeem my Razer Gold Pin?

Step 1:
Head over to https://gold.razer.com/ and log in to your account.

Step 2:
Press ‘Gold’ and press ‘Reload Now’

Step 3:
Choose your payment method and select the PIN option and press ‘Next’

Step 4:
You will be prompted a ‘Reload Successful’ message.

Can I use the pin I've received anywhere in South America?

Unfortunately, the Razer Gold Pin has a region lock. Be sure to check the region you are purchasing the pin from.

How long would I have to wait for my Razer Gold pin?

Usually the pin will be delivered to your OffGamers account immediately. Do check your order list after you have purchased the pin.

Can I use the Razer Gold pin on PUBG mobile?

The pin would have to be used on Razer Gold’s main site and then through Razer Gold you can top up funds to your PUBG mobile.

Important Note

Before customers make their Razer Gold Colombia purchase, be sure to read the following.
- OffGamers is an authorised distributor for Razer Gold, formerly known as ZGold MOL Points.
- This product can only be used for Razer Gold Colombia only, it is on the onus of the customer to check their region before purchasing.
- If the customer were to purchase the pin for a different region, no refunds or compensation will be provided by OffGamers.