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Want to buy Razer Gold? Look no further! The OffGamers website is here for you. You can get Razer Gold PUBG and Razer Gold Free Fire to top up your games in super-simple steps. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

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Razer Gold
Razer Gold (India)
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All About Razer Gold India

Razer Gold which is formerly known as ZGold MOL Points is a code that you could use to buy all your favorite online game credits with a library that houses over 2,500 games. You’ll have access to all you need in your beloved games with just a code on a card.

This code could also be used as a payment method for other subscriptions and websites as well as to buy games, all for the sake of your convenience. It is honestly such a useful card to have!

For users in India, the INR 500 is one of the most favored values, but we have a wide range from INR 500 to INR 5,000 on our site for you to choose from. So if you ever want to buy some Razer Gold, we’ve got you!

Enjoy Razer Gold Benefits

Why buy Razer Gold India

Top-up Game Currency

This card can be used to top-up your favorite in-game currencies, so you can never run out of credits! Game currencies can be used to purchase anything in-game from crates and cosmetics to weapons and pets. It is also an important aspect of games, especially those that include battle passes and gacha mechanics - in fact, for better odds, you would need to spend more!

Some prime examples would be the Razer Gold PUBG combination, where players would buy Razer Gift Cards to be converted into PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash (UC). Other big games that are supported by this currency would be Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty, Genshin Impact, and Garena Free Fire amongst many others.

Buy In-Game Items

Anyone who has ever played a game before knows how important in-game items can be. These items can either grant you victory or lead you to a shameful defeat, they can make you an all-powerful being or an easy victim. If you’re ready to take charge of your game, make sure to buy some Razer Gold for the sweet taste of victory.

These in-game items range from cosmetics and skins to weapons and powerful artifacts in various games that could enhance the abilities of your characters to another level altogether.

Pay Subscriptions & Buy Games

Aside from your usual gaming needs, this card can also be used to pay in-app subscriptions like Tinder Gold and Twitch subs. There are also games that could be bought such as Monster Hunter: World, Fifa 20, and many more so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the latest game drops.

You could have access to games, subscriptions, and a whole world of entertainment to enjoy with your loved ones or kick back and relax on your own with this simple card in hand.

Razer Gold India Payment Methods

We have a variety of payment methods available for those who are looking to buy some Razer Gold India that cater to gamers worldwide. Here are the most favored payment methods for our Indian customer base:

- Adyen - Visa API
- PayPal EC (Wallet)
- Rapyd - Paytm
- Adyen - Mastercard API
- Rapyd - PhonePe Wallet

No worries, we are not restricted to just these payment methods! We have a wide variety of credit cards, online banking, e-wallet services, and more that could be used to buy some Razer Gold India with an easy mind. With that said, we do have a certain handling fee for each transaction, depending on your payment method, so do keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Razer Gold India

How do I get Razer Gold?

By buying it on their website or through authorized sellers like OffGamers. Do make sure to always buy from trusted and authorized sellers only to avoid potential fraud.

How to redeem the Razer Gold Pin?

1. Visit Razer’s website and sign in to your Razer account.
2. Click on Reload Now and select Razer Gold PIN as the payment method.
3. Input the PIN and click Next.
4. Complete the 2-step verification process.
5. It is now applied to your account.

Where can I spend my Razer Gold?

You can spend it on websites that support it as a payment method as well as games and apps that support it. For further information, check out their Catalog.

How to use Razer Gold Pin for Mobile Legends?

1. Visit Razer’s website.
2. Search Mobile Legends from the Games List and click on it.
3. Click on Use Razer Gold PIN.
4. Enter your User ID, Zone ID, and email address then click Next.
5. Input the serial number and pin number, then click Next.
6. Proceed to checkout after filling in your personal details.

Does Razer Gold expire?

Yes. They are valid one year from the date of purchase from Razer.com. The expiry dates are usually stated on the email receipts of your purchase. Expired pins/cards are non-refundable, so do put them to use as soon as possible.

How to reload Razer Gold India Wallet?

1. Go to Razer’s website and login into your account.
2. Click the Reload button on the top bar.
3. Select Razer Gold Gift Card (PIN), enter the pin, and click Next.
4. It is now applied to your account.
Important Note & Disclaimer:
- OffGamers is the authorized distributor for Razer Gold (INR) (Formerly known as ZGold MOL Points).
- This product is applicable to Razer Gold India ONLY.
- Looking for other Razer Gold regions, Click HERE.