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Razer Gold
Razer Gold (Philippines)
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What You Need To Know About Razer Gold Philippines

Games are fun, but sometimes there are certain stages or obstacles that you just cannot overcome. Make it easier with Razer Gold Pins today!

These pins can be used to add funds to your Razer Gold which then can be used to upgrade your games with in-game purchases.

This method is extremely convenient where the pins are easily delivered to your OffGamers account.

And if you are feeling generous, you can also gift these pins to your loved ones that enjoy video games. All you need to do is present them with the pins and they will be able to add funds to your Razer Gold account.

Do take note that once the pin is redeemed/used, the pin is gone forever. Therefore, be sure you double check on the person you are sending the pin too!

The Many Conveniences Of Getting The Razer Gold Pins

As there are many methods you can top up your Razer Gold, we’d still recommend getting the Razer Gold Pins as they are arguably the safest and most convenient way to top up.

Secure and Safe

By using the pins, you will be accessing OffGamers site that is fully protected with SSL encryption. This means the transaction that you will be doing with OffGamers will not be traced or stolen by third-party sources.

No Physical Card Needed

Physical game cards are not practical and can be easily lost or damaged. On the other hand, Razer Gold Pins are delivered digitally to your OffGamers account, which is safe, quick and convenient.

Purchase With Ease Using Multiple Payment Options

When you buy Razer Gold from OffGamers, you will be presented with different payment choices. Prominent payment options for the Philippines like PayPal are also available alongside online banking and e-wallet services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Razer Gold Philippines

What are the steps to reload my Razor Gold Pin?

Step 1:
Head over to https://gold.razer.com/ and log in to your account.

Step 2:
Press ‘Gold’ and press ‘Reload Now’

Step 3:
Choose your payment method and select the PIN option and press ‘Next’

Step 4:
You will be prompted a ‘Reload Successful’ message.

Will there be a region lock on my pin?

Yes, there will be a region lock, be sure to check the region you are purchasing the pin from.

Can I buy games on Steam using my Razer Gold Pin?

While you can’t directly buy games using your Razer Gold, you can purchase Steam Wallet codes using Razer Gold through Razer Gold’s official site.

I've encountered a problem with my Razor Gold Pin. What should I do?

If you encounter a problem using your pin from OffGamers, contact their customer service as they are available 24/7.

Important Note

Before making your Razer Gold Philippines purchase, be sure to read the following.
- OffGamers is an authorised distributor for Razer Gold, formerly known as ZGold MOL Points.
- This product/pin cannot be redeemed or used outside of the Philippines. Be sure to check the region of the pin before purchasing.
- OffGamers will not provide any refunds or compensation for any misbought pins from its customers.