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The Razer Gold Gift Card is fast and easy to use for gamers everywhere. All you have to do is buy Razer Gold from a website like OffGamers and redeem it on the Razer website. You can even get Razer Gold PUBG at a cheaper price when shopping online with us during a promotion.

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Razer Gold
Razer Gold (Turkey)





About Razer Gold Pin Turkey

The Razer Gold Pin is a must-have option for gamers as it eases the transaction process of buying gaming products. You can just get some Razer Gold, top up your Razer Gold balance and use it for a wide selection of games available through Razer’s website. From in-game currencies such as Diamonds from Mobile Legends and Garena Shells to being able to buy games such as Roblox or buy subscriptions that lets you experience the entire thing like with World of Warcraft.

In the process, you’ll be rewarded with Razer Silver which you can then use to get exclusive discounts and rewards. It’s a cool system that rewards you for your Razer Gold usage and is a no-brainer to use. Honestly, try it out for yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose in the long run!

Reasons To Buy Razer Gold Pin Turkey

Gateway To Numerous Games

Razer Gold is your access to various games. Games like Mobile Legends, PUBG, League and Legends and others will always have you buying in-game currencies if you wish to be in with the gaming fashion. While games that require subscriptions such as World of Warcraft will enable you to play your characters continuously and make sure your gear is always one of the best is also being catered. With a Razer Gold Pin, you can do all these things with instant delivery.

Gaming Equipments

Aside from games, Razer Gold also houses gaming equipment such as gaming mouse, keyboard, and even components for your system unit. You can get these using your Razer Silver. And what better way for you to get these points? By purchasing Razer Gold Vouchers, that is!

Epic Rewards

When you purchase Razer Gold Voucher and reload it, you get to earn Razer Silver. If you keep on purchasing Razer Gold Codes, you get to have more Silvers and in turn use it to purchase awesome games such as Mortal Kombat 11 and its DLCs. You also get to have some exclusive in-game rewards whenever you purchase a game or even just top-up using Razer Gold and all of them will have instant delivery right to your account.

Payment Methods for Razer Gold Turkey

OffGamers offers a wide range of payment methods available for you to choose from. We’ve got e-wallets, online banking services, credit cards and so much more. Did we mention that you can shop with us from anywhere in the world? It’s an awesome feat that not everyone can do, y’know.

Our customers usually like using PayPal, Mastercard and Visa Card for their payments. So go with whatever you’re comfortable with! For further details on our available payment methods, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Razer Gold Code Turkey

What’s the difference between Razer Gold and Razer Silver?

Razer Gold is the currency that you use to make gaming purchases, be it on the games itself or on another gaming platform. Meanwhile Razer Silver is the points that you earn for any purchases that you make on the Razer platform and can be used to redeem special vouchers, discounts and more.

Where do I check my Razer Gold balance?

Your Razer Gold balance will be stated on the Account Summary page.

Why is my Razer Gold Pin not working?

Please make sure you’ve entered the right code for the right region/country, and try refreshing the page. Another thing to be sure of is that you’ve purchased the right code for the right country as it can get confusing if things are not double-checked. If this doesn’t work, ask our customer service for help or head to Razer’s support page for more information.

Is Razer Gold legit?

Yes, the Razer Gold pin is a totally legitimate online gaming currency that can be used to purchase games, in-game currencies and items or Razer hardware from the Razer website.
- OffGamers is the authorized distributor for Razer Gold (TRY) (Formerly known as ZGold MOL Points).
- This product is applicable to Razer Gold Turkey ONLY.

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