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A Razer Gold Gift Card is a great gift idea for gamers residing anywhere in the world. You could use Razer Gold to top up your favourite games and even gain rewards on the Razer website itself.

When shopping on our website, we’ve got various types of payment options available for you to explore as well. From e-wallets and offline methods to online banking View More ...
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Razer Gold
Razer Gold (Vietnam)





Introduction to Razer Gold Vietnam

These Razer Gold pins are a good investment for gamers, especially those who would like to reap more rewards with every purchase. Every time you spend your Razer Gold, you get Razer Silver which you can use to access some exclusive deals, prizes and rewards.

It sounds like a good deal, right? Simply buy Razer Gold for your in-game currencies or any gaming items that you’ve been wanting to get for so long and treat yourself.

Buying Razer Gold From OffGamers

Speedy Delivery

When you buy Razer Gold from our site, we’ll try our best to make sure that you will get the product less than 15 minutes of purchase. We know how important the product is to you and how much it sucks to wait, so we hope you understand that sometimes unwanted complications happen and the process gets delayed.

However, if you’re worried about your purchase, you can directly contact our customer service for more information or help!

24 Hour Customer Service

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you through any problems you may encounter with your Razer Gold pins or any other products.

You can find our customer service readily available on our website’s live chat or through our support email: support@offgamers.com. anytime. We’ll help you figure out the problem through the right channels as fast as we can.

Available Payment Methods For Razer Gold Vietnam

For our payment methods, we have a wide variety ranging from e-wallets and online banking to credit cards and traditional methods. You can select whichever you prefer, and this is applicable no matter where you’re shopping from in the world.

Our customers in Vietnam tend to prefer using PayPal, Adyen, WebMoney and OpenBucks, but you can go with whatever makes you comfortable. Shop for your Razer Gold pins with us with no worries in mind!

For further information on our available payment methods for the Razer Gold pins, Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Razer Gold Vietnam

How to top up Razer Gold?

1. Log in to your Razer account.
2. Look for ‘Gold’ and select ‘Reload Now’.
3. Select ‘Razer Gold Gift Card (PIN)’ and key in your pin.
4. Click Next and you’re done.

How do I increase my Razer Gold wallet limit?

Follow these steps:
1. Click on your profile icon.
2. Select ‘Complete Your Profile’ and follow the instructions.

Your wallet limit is dependent on your country, and you can upgrade to a premium limit where you can hold a bigger balance in your wallet.

Is Razer Gold region locked?

Yes, it is. You can only use Razer Gold pins from the correct region, so make sure to check the country denomination.

How does Razer Gold work?

You top up your Razer Gold balance. Then find a game that you want to buy something for, it could be in-game currencies, the actual game or any in-game items. When you find what you want, just buy it with your Razer Gold balance.
- OffGamers is the authorized distributor for Razer Gold (VND) (Formerly known as ZGold MOL Points).
- This product is applicable to Razer Gold Vietnam ONLY.

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