Revelation: Infinite Journey

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Revelation: Infinite Journey

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When we talk about MMORPG games, we talk about character development and Revelation: Infinite Journey is no exception. As we know, a leveled-up character gives you many advantages when it comes to gameplay.

The problem is leveling up your character is a long-way progress that requires times and effort. Revelation: Infinite Journey is a content-heavy game that can put many players off due to its lore and storyline.

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Revelation: Infinite Journey Jade Packages Value

Revelation: Infinite Journey Jade Packages (ID):
- 40 + 6 Jade
- 110 + 7 Jade
- 230 + 35 Jade
- 460 + 69 Jade
- 920 + 138 Jade
- 1,150 + 173 Jade
- 1,380 + 207 Jade
- 1,610 + 242 Jade
- 2,300 + 345 Jade
- 3,220 + 483 Jade
- 4,600 + 690 Jade
- 9,200 + 1,380 Jade
- 23,000 + 3,450 Jade

How to Find Revelation: Infinite Journey

Follow these steps to find Revelation: Infinite Journey ID:

1. Log in to your Revelation: Infinite Journey.
2. Hove and tap on "Menu" icon on the top-right corner.
3. Click on "Settings" and your user ID will be displayed under your nickname.

About Revelation: Infinite Journey

Enter the captivating world of Revelation: Infinite Journey, where the search for secrets never ends and adventure has no bounds. The enthralling lore and complex plot will envelop you in an unforgettable gaming experience as you travel across gorgeous landscapes and intriguing cities.

In Revelation: Infinite Journey, you are not just a player; you are the hero of your own saga. With a diverse selection of classes and character customization options at your fingertips, you have the power to create a unique avatar that reflects your playstyle and preferences.

Join or lead guilds, participate in epic PvP battles, and climb the ranks to become a true legend of the realm. The dynamic open-world events and breathtaking landscapes provide endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.