Riot Points Gift Card

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Riot Points Gift Card
Riot Points Gift Card (Malaysia)
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Buying Pins for Riot Points Malaysia

Riot Points are a must-have if you are a fan of games like League of Legends and Valorant. You can use your Riot Points to exchange for points in your games that you can then use to purchase whatever you want in their in-game shop.

If you’re looking to buff up your characters and get a boost in terms of gameplay, getting some Riot Points is the right move as it supplies your game with more currencies in order for you to purchase all that you need. You can easily overpower your opponents in a blink of an eye.

What Are Riot Points Used For?

Riot Points can be used to top up games like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. You can convert your Riot Points Gift Card into in-game currencies to be used like LOL Points and Valorant Points.

In this sense, you can then use your points to buy stuff from your favourite games, be it cosmetics, characters, upgrades or even the battle pass for your games. Go on and take over the battlefield with your Riot Points Gift Card!

OffGamers Payment Methods for Riot Points Malaysia

OffGamers has all sorts of payment methods for customers to choose from based on their preferences. You can even shop from anywhere in the world with us. Our Malaysian customer base prefers using eGHL, M2UPay, offline payment methods, PBe Bank, RHB and PayPal for their purchases.

Aside from that, we also have all sorts of e-wallets, credit and debit cards, online banks and more for you to choose from. We’ll even send you an instant email delivery notification to alert you of any purchases. As we tend to have all sorts of promotions and discounts, there’s a chance you’ll get your products at some pretty cheap prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Riot Points Malaysia

How to redeem Riot Points?

To redeem your points, follow these steps:
1. Enter your game with your Riot account.
2. Click on the VP/Coins button located in the upper right corner.
3. Select Riot Pin and Codes.
4. Enter your Riot pin and you’re done.

How to convert Riot Points to Valorant Points?

After purchasing the Riot Points Gift Card, go to the Valorant game client and redeem it from there by doing the following:
1. Log into your Valorant account.
2. Click on the Valorant icon on the right side of the Store tab.
3. Select Prepaid & Codes and input your code.
4. Press submit and your points should be redeemed into your account.

Why is my Riot Pin not working?

Make sure that you’ve entered the pins in the right sequence and for the right country or try refreshing the page. If this does not work, do contact our customer service or check out Riot’s support page for more information.

How much is Valorant Points in RP (MYR)?

Here’s a list of Valorant Points in RP for Malaysia:
- RP 375 Points for RM12.90
- RP 600 Points for RM19.90
- RP 1,250 Points for RM39.90
- RP 1,900 Points for RM59.90
- RP 3,400 Points for RM104.90
- RP 6,750 Points for RM 199.90

As usual, this price is subject to change according to any ongoing promotions. Do make sure to keep tabs on our social media in order to find out if we have any special discounts going on for the season.
- This product is available for Malaysia User only.
- This product can be used for Valorant and Legends of Runeterra only.