Sacred Zodongga Defense

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Sacred Zodongga Defense Game Key
Sacred Zodongga Defense Steam Key (Global)
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Sacred Zodongga Defense Steam Key

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Sacred Zodongga Defense Game Features

Sacred Zodongga Defense is a charming tower defence game that sets you in the place of the chieftain of the Hulla-Balla-Bazooki tribe, tasked with defending the titular island of Zodongga from invaders that wish to pillage its bountiful natural resources, especially the bananas that the Hulla-Balla-Bazooki tribe have lived with for centuries.

As a tribe of fierce warriors that have lived in tune with nature, the Hulla-Balla-Bazooki are equipped with primitive but effective weapons that you can use to defend your home from the invading banana hoarders. Being the chieftain of this tribe, you must organise the warrior defenders and place your ambushes and defences strategically, preventing the invaders from getting even an inch near the precious bananas.

Sacred Zodongga Defense presents players with this simple yet addicting gameplay loop across 100+ different levels and 3 difficulty settings that you can choose from, to tune the challenge appropriate to your skill level. The more you progress, the more tower defences you unlock, and the more difficult the enemies become. Each level also has a boss with special abilities that you must strategise around, so you’re always kept on your toes by the gameplay.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sacred Zodongga Defense Steam Key (Global)

How to redeem Sacred Zodongga Defense Steam Key?

After logging into your Steam account, follow these steps:
1. At the top left corner of the client, click ‘Games’.
2. Select ‘Activate a Product on Steam’.
3. Enter your code in the provided blank and click ‘Confirm’.
4. Follow any further instructions or prompts to complete your redemption process.

What is the objective of Sacred Zodongga Defense?

Your objective in each level of Sacred Zodongga Defense is to set up your defences while enemies make their way towards the objective that you must defend. By placing units along the path that your enemies will take, you’ll then be able to repel their advance and win each encounter.

What are the system requirements for Sacred Zodongga Defense Steam?

OS: Windows 7 or higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM or higher
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: Minimum 3 GB Available Storage Space