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Sausage Man

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Sausage Man
Sausage Man (Mobile)
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About Sausage Man Mobile

Enjoy a different take to the battle royale genre with the Sausage Man game. Instead of using mythical heroes or battle-ready humans, this game will put your reflexes to the test in the form of sausages!

What separates Sausage Man from most battle royales is that it is more than just plain combat. With Sausage Man you also get to explore the game’s colourful universe which is best enjoyed with company.

Plus, customisation is also one of its more unique features. Players can top up Sausage Man candies to purchase different accessories to personalise their own sausage!

Hence, if you’re into battle royales and want to have a slice of quirkiness and mischief, be sure to give this game a try.

Sausage Man is now available for free on updated Android and iOS devices.

Top-up Sausage Man Candies (Mobile)

Players who wish to make their Sausage Man experience better can do so by topping up Sausage Man candies to buy in-game purchases like customisation items and in-game equipment.

Here at OffGamers, you will be able to directly top up your Sausage Man candies easily, cheaply with a quick delivery service. Plus, there are also many different perks when you top up your Sausage Man candies with OffGamers.

For one, you will be able to get special discounts during our seasonal promotions that will save you some cash.

Besides that, if you were to encounter any problems while topping up your Sausage Man candies, you can immediately contact our customer service which is available 24/7 via live chat or call.

Therefore, if you want to progress and advance further easily in the game, your best bet is to add some candies to your Sausage Man account.

Levelling Up in Sausage Man

Here are some tips and tricks which you can use to rank and level up faster in Sausage Man.

- Practice makes perfect. Head over to the practice session and make sure that your controls are properly optimised and that you are comfortable with all the motions and bindings of the game. The practice session is also a great way for you to test out equipment which you might have obtained using the Sausage Man candies.

- Teamwork makes dream work. Try to play around your team more often. Don’t try to go full “Rambo” and make the best use of your team’s strengths and weaknesses. If possible, try to communicate with your teammates so that all of your mates will have a clear objective or goal.

- Losing is part of the fun. Do not be too disappointed if you lose your first few Sausage Man games. With experience comes expertise. If you find yourself in a constant struggle, consider getting in-game items with your Sausage Man candies for an improved gameplay.

Different Payments for Top Up Sausage Man Candies at OffGamers

At OffGamers, we often use various types of payment methods for our users to directly top up Sausage Man candies.

Customers can opt to top up using PayPal and other famous e-wallet services like GrabPay and ShopeePay.

Online banking for selected banks, Visa and Mastercard credit cards are also accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sausage Man Mobile

How do I top up Sausage Man Candies?

Step 1:

Choose the amount of candies you wish to top up.

Step 2:

You will be brought to a page where you will need to enter your Character/User ID to continue.

Step 3:

After entering your ID, press “Checkout” and choose your desired payment method and make your purchase!

Which devices are Sausage Man available on?

Officially, Sausage Man is only available on updated iOS and Android devices. If you wish to play on a PC, you would need an emulator to do so.

How can I find my Sausage Man ID?

Your personal Sausage Man ID is located at your avatar page. Beside your avatar, you will notice your Character Name and your Character ID is located right below your personal character.

What is the best Sausage Man weapon?

While we would want to say that the players’ skill is more important than the weapon, but if we were to choose, we would recommend either SMGs or Assault Rifles for starters.
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  • No Refunds / Code Exchange will be deemed applicable nor provided on cases mentioned above.