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盛大一卡通 (中服)





About Shanda Game Card (CN)

Shanda (盛大) established in December 1999, is an online gaming company known for publishing and operating games such as The World of Legend and Magical Land. By 2004 Shanda was the largest online game company in China. Shanda Game Card (CN) can be used to purchase various products and services in Shanda Website.

Buy Shanda Game Card (CN) now!

How to redeem a Shanda Game Card (CN)?

1. Visit Shanda Game Payment Center, login to your account.
2. Select the game you want to top-up.
3. Select your preferred denomination, click ”立即充值”.
4. Select “游戏充值卡” as your payment method, fill in details – Shanda Game Card 卡号 & 密码 & 验证码, click ”立即支付”.
5. You have successfully redeem a Shanda Game Card (CN).
- If you can't topup on Shanda Game Payment Center, please login Sheng Fu Tong Platform to use.
- Shanda Game Card status and balance: Click to check.

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