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Skyfire (PC) (RU) (MGC)

4.5 /5
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About Skyfire

Skyfire will send you on an exciting journey through an unusual world, combining elements of fantasy and sci-fi. For a long time, magic and technique served people with faith and truth, but the split in society divided the inhabitants of the world into two irreconcilable factions, each of which chose its own path of development. A great battle is coming and you have to decide the fate of this world. What do you choose - magic or science? Do yours in-game purchases now with Multi Game Card!

How to make recharge Gamenet.ru GN Coin with Multi Game Card (MGC)?

1. Open Gamenet.ru Website. Login and click on the "Top up" to purchase.
2. Select the amount of GN Coins package to purchase and click "Buy Now".
3. Click on "Show More Methods" and select Multi Game Card.
4. Fill in details – MGC Serial & MGC Pin. Click on "Pay Now".
5. You have successfully purchase GN Coin via Multi Game Card.