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Buying the Steam Wallet Code Malaysia

The Steam Wallet Code is easily the best way for you to gain access to over thousands of games from different well-known publishers.

Aside from games, there are countless tools and softwares that can be bought cheaply using the redeemed funds to enhance your skill set.

Hence, if you or your friends are frequent users of the Steam platform, the Steam gift card is the ideal product for you to get more games and tools from the Steam store.

Best Steam Games

With so many games to choose from, these are some of the recommended games that you can purchase using the funds redeemed from the code.

- Phasmophobia
- Hades
- Cyberpunk 2077
- Stardew Valley
- New World

Perks of Getting a Steam Wallet Gift Card

Getting your Steam wallet funds through a digital gift card is arguably the most convenient way out there. Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider using a Steam gift card.

Easy and Convenient

A digital code or gift card is definitely more practical than a physical one. As Steam Wallet Codes are delivered digitally via your OffGamers account, inside your order list. Therefore, you would not need to go to a store or get a physical card which can be a hassle to many.

A Suitable Gift

The code can also be gifted to any friends and family with ease. All you need to do is send them the code you’ve received instantly from your OffGamers account to the receiver and they can use the code to redeem the funds.

Multiple OffGamers Payment Options for Steam Wallet Codes Malaysia

Many online resellers for the Steam code offer multiple payment methods that are available in Malaysia.

For instance, online banking from Mayb2u, CIMB Clicks and Hong Leong connect and more are all readily available to use.

Other than that, payment methods through Visa and Mastercard are all available and are extremely popular among Malaysians.

Plus, if you prefer using e-wallet, options like PayPal, ShopeePay and Boost are also supported.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Steam Wallet Code Malaysia

How to redeem a Steam Digital Gift Card?

Step 1
Head over to Steam’s official website or open the Steam app and login to your account.

Step 2
Click on your avatar on the top right corner and a drop down menu will appear. Press ‘View my wallet’

Step 3
There will be an option on the right hand side stating ‘Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code’. Click that.

Step 4:
Insert your code on the field provided and the press ‘Continue’ to redeem the funds.

I want to use my Steam wallet code outside SEA. Can I do so?

Please be reminded that there is a region lock to the gift card. Do make sure you are buying the gift card from the right region.

How do I use my Steam gift card as a gift?

All you need to do is send the code that you have received over to the receiver and they can use the code to redeem the funds.

How do I check my Steam wallet balance?

Your Steam wallet balance will be stated under the ‘View my wallet’ option.

Important Note

- This product can only be used for Steam accounts created in Malaysia only and cannot be used anywhere else.
- Other sites that claim to provide exchanges and rewards for your wallet code are not affiliated with OffGamers.
- If customers were to fall for such schemes, no refunds or reimbursements will be provided by OffGamers.