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Tanki Online (WebGame) (Global)

4.3 /5
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Tanki Online is the first flash-based online 3D action game. The game combines the charm of Battle City from the NES epoch with modern 3D shooter dynamics, as well as the excitement of online games. With all these great elements, Tanki Online doesn’t require HDD installation and can be run on any PC with an Internet connection. The game is completely free, and each tank is controlled by a real person. Player vs player battles hold great potential for providing fascinating challenges, as well as allowing for co-operative manoeuvres.

Take revenge on your enemies, form teams, and make tricky tactical maneuvers — all is fair in war. Battle your way through the rumble of turrets and the groaning of treads to become a truly experienced fighter and tactician. The game has an extensive rank system. The higher your rank is, the more powerful your tank can be. A player gains access to new hulls, turrets, and other tank upgrades, with each new rank.