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天子传奇Online (PC) (新马服)

4.9 /5
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About TZ Online

TZ Online (天子传奇Online) is a 3D MMORPG developed by Chinease Gamer, which is based on the famous comic book of the same name. TZ Online is based on the comics of the same name, supplemented by the player's character route, allowing players to re-experience the story of the comic while playing in the third perspective. Overall, the performance is generally can meet the needs of the players.

There are three kinds of occupations in TZ Online, such as Qiankun, Rulai and Haotian, which can be selected by the players. At the same time, the new comet system is added to provide players with four subsidiary characters. Players can freely match their own characters, upgrade, kill, treasure, and grow in the game. And there are a variety of copies and active gameplay to enrich the player's game life. Among them, the comet system is the biggest feature. Players can choose one of the four stars of God of War, Sirius, Dragon Girl and Yuling when they create characters. They will become your strongest combat partner in the game. Stars can not only transform, but also work with players to let players enjoy the pleasure of driving dual roles at the same time.