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As one of the largest online dating apps around, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a cheap Tinder Gold Voucher & Tinder Plus Voucher at OffGamers! Increase the chance of finding your perfect match in Tinder today and buy to discover instant delivery, around-the-clock customer care, ease-of-use navigation, and seasonal discount promos designed for your shopping enjoyment only at our online store!

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Tinder Gift Card
Tinder Voucher (MY)
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Tinder Gold & Plus Voucher Malaysia

The Tinder Gold Voucher & Tinder Plus Voucher is a great way to unlock more features for the Tinder platform and showcase its potential as a dating app. You can increase your chances of finding a match and even go back to previous profiles if you’ve missed them.

Retracing your steps is now a breeze, and you can like as many profiles as you wish at no extra cost. Your mission of finding the perfect match will ease up with the aid of these Tinder Gold & Plus perks. If you’re not sure about taking the plunge, you can subscribe to the 1-week plan first to get a taste of what Tinder has to offer.

You can easily get the 1 month or 1 week Tinder Gold Voucher & Tinder Plus Voucher from OffGamers today!

Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is a slight upgrade from your normal Tinder, and you won’t be plagued with advertisements as you’re trying to find the match of your life. In all aspects, Tinder Gold is better as it is an upgraded version of Tinder Plus. If you’re serious about finding a match on the app, Tinder Gold is the way to go.

If you don’t use Tinder very often, or don’t take it too seriously, getting the Tinder Plus is enough. It’s already loaded with a lot of perks that a normal user is sure to be satisfied with. Tinder Gold has more perks to getting heavily featured on the platform if you would like the exposure as it will definitely increase your chances of getting matches and a date. But it is a waste if you’re not constantly on the platform.

Tinder Gold & Tinder Plus Voucher Plans

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus? Well, we’re here to help you make an informed decision! Here’s what both Tinder gift card plans entail:

Tinder Plus
- Usual Tinder perks (Match, Chat, Meet)
- Unlimited Likes
- Unlimited Rewinds
- Passport To Any Location
- Hide Advertisements

Tinder Gold
- Everything from Tinder Plus
- 5 Super Likes a week
- 1 Free Boost a month
- See Who Likes You
- New Top Picks every day

Payment Options For Tinder Premium Voucher Malaysia

At OffGamers, we have all sorts of payment options available for you to choose from based on your preferences. You can go with any e-wallet like Boost, Paypal and ShopeePay, online banks like CIMB Clicks, credit cards and more that you are comfortable with using.

We cater to customers shopping from around the world, and we’ll even send an instant email delivery notification to notify you of your purchases. Our Malaysian customers have a preference for using eGHL, M2UPay, Stripe, PBe Bank and offline payment methods for their purchases.

For more details on our available payment options for the Tinder Gold Voucher & Tinder Plus Voucher, you may click here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tinder Gold & Plus Voucher Malaysia

How to redeem Tinder Gold Voucher/Tinder Plus Voucher?

Here’s how to redeem your Tinder gift cards:
1. Open up the Tinder app and log in to your account.
2. Tap on your profile icon.
3. Scroll down and tap on Promo Code.
4. Input your Tinder Gold Voucher/Tinder Plus Voucher code and tap Submit.

Why is my Tinder Gold Voucher not working?

Make sure you’ve entered the Tinder promo code correctly, and that you do not already have an active subscription in place. If this does not work, do contact our customer service for assistance or browse the Tinder Support page for more information.

Which Tinder subscription is the best?

This depends on your Tinder usage. If you want more features that highlight your profile on the app, getting the Tinder Gold subscription would be good enough and a step up from the Tinder Plus subscription.

Why get Tinder Gold Voucher?

You’ll get more usage out of the Tinder platform, with access to more features that increase your chances of getting a match. Your profile will get boosted with fresh picks every day. You even get to see who has already liked your profile first.

Why get Tinder Gold/Tinder Plus voucher at OffGamers?

We tend to have promotions and discounts, so you’ll be able to get your Tinder promo codes at a cheaper price. We also ensure that your transactions are protected and secure to avoid any unwanted scams or hacks.
This product is only available for Malaysia User.