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  • Title: TTRacing DUO V3 Series
  • Publisher: Clickgaming Distribution Group
  • Developer: Clickgaming Distribution Group
  • Release Date: -
  • Platform: Others
  • Region: Malaysia (MY)
  • Genre: Others

Buying TTRacing DUO V3 Series

Ever wanted to get your own gaming chair? Look no further than the TTRacing DUO V3 series, an incredibly well-crafted gaming chair that includes both sturdiness and comfort in its package. Coming with great features like Carbon Fibre PU leather, breathable Italian Elastic Cloth, a 155 degree tilt, and many other built in mechanisms, the TTRacing DUO V3 series is a must-have for any gamer that likes comfortable sessions.

Buy TTRacing DUO V3 chairs from OffGamers and enjoy our cheap prices and secure payment verification methods to make your purchases hassle-free.

Check out DUO V3 Features

When you buy TTRacing DUO V3 series gaming chairs, you’re treated to various benefits and features that make it one of the best value gaming chairs on the market.

In terms of size, the DUO V3 is made for a snug fit, measuring to a seat width and depth of 50cm x 49cm, a backrest width and height of 54cm x 72cm, and an armrest width and length of 7cm x 41cm. We recommend you buy TTRacing DUO V3 chairs if you need a cosy chair with just enough allowance to prevent discomfort.

The chair’s surface is equipped with only the highest quality parts - its back is coated with the all-new Carbon Fibre PU leather and fabricated with breathable Italian Elastic Cloth and cold cure foam that facilitates good airflow and dissipates heat even faster during long usage hours. It’s made for the utmost comfort of the user.

Notably, the Air Threads Fabric version of the DUO V3 instead features braided textile and fabric woven into the surface instead of leather, which lets it cool your body even better without sacrificing quality. It’s created for people who tend to stay in their chair for notably prolonged periods and want to stay cool.

The chair also features quality craftsmanship hallmarks, with perfectly applied and stitched leather and foam parts with no creases on its surface. Its back also comes with a flexible tilt angle of max 155 degrees backwards, letting you find your ideal resting angle.

Adding to these great perks, the TTRacing DUO V3 series sports a butterfly mechanism that provides stability when tilting the chair at various angles, and it also features a Heavy Duty SGS Certified Hydraulic that allows for smooth height adjustability and 360 degree rotation along its axis.

Last but not least, the base of the chair is constructed with only the best heavy duty nylon, able to withstand roughly 130kg of weight. Its 6cm diameter castor wheels are also able to rotate a full 360 degrees and are made of rubber, ensuring that you don’t cause damage to any surface you roll over, or to the wheels themselves.

OffGamers Payment Options for TTRacing DUO V3 Series

Whether you want to buy TTRacing DUO V3 chairs, or any other gaming and software products, OffGamers will always make your shopping experience as smooth and comfortable as the best chairs in the market. E-wallets, online banking services, credit cards, debit cards, and various others are counted towards the payment options that we have prepared for our customers.

Globally, the most used payment methods by shoppers on our site include PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. In specific regions, we also provide support for popular services such as ShopeePay, Maybank2u, Boost, and more. You can view these other payment options on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions about TTRacing DUO V3 Series

Where to buy quality gaming chair online?

You can buy TTRacing DUO V3 chairs at the OffGamers online store, along with various other related products, gaming pins, software keys, and more. We also have various price slashes during certain holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, Lunar New Year, and others, so checking back on these special days can net you huge discounts on our already cheap products.

How long will my chair last?

With proper maintenance and care, your gaming chair can last you for around 2-5 years or more. Your chair will also last longer if it is kept away from pets, sharp objects, and other hazardous forces that may wear your chair down.

How do I assemble the TTRacing DUO V3 chair?

Whenever you buy TTRacing DUO V3 Series chairs, they come with an easy-to-read user manual for assembly, and an official TTRacing tutorial video. We recommend referring to these resources to make the assembly process easier.

TTRacing DUO V3 Series

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