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  • Title: TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad
  • Publisher: Clickgaming Distribution Group
  • Developer: Clickgaming Distribution Group
  • Release Date: -
  • Platform: Others
  • Region: Malaysia (MY)
  • Genre: Others

TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad

To complement your gaming chair’s usage, TTRacing has a product that also gives your feet the same amount of comfort as your gaming chair - the TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad. In essence, the gaming floorpad is an accessory to the TTRacing line of gaming chairs, providing extra comfort past the confines of their seats.

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Why buy TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad?

If you have a gaming chair, you should buy TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpads, which come with these great features:

Masterful Craftsmanship

TTRacing is well known for their great product quality, and their Guardian Gaming Floorpad also enjoys this high level of completion. It sports a soft, plush texture made of velour polyester for keeping your feet warm and comfortable, and the surface is stitched in a way that makes it smooth and even.

The gaming floorpad is also made with noise dampening and slip resistant fabric and silicone, making it so that you can almost never hear any movement across the floorpad, while also never accidentally sliding over it.

Built To Last

The TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad is also easy to clean, needing only to wipe it down with a microfibre cloth, and functions as a durable protector for your chair and floor, preventing it from getting scratched.

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OffGamers is one of the best places you can buy TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpads and other gaming-related accessories and products online, and one of the reasons is that we provide plenty of payment methods that our customers can choose from in order to pay for their products. These range from e-wallets and online banks to credit and debit cards, and various others depending on region and/or currency.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad

Where to buy gaming floorpads online?

You can buy TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad and other various products like gaming chairs, gaming pins, software keys, and more at OffGamers. Aside from the cheap prices of our products, we also hold regular discount promotions on special events like New Year’s, Christmas, Black Friday, Lunar New Year, and more.

How big is the TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad?

The TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad measures out to 1.2m x 1.2m. Its thickness is about 3mm in size.

How fast will I receive the TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad?

For any TTRacing product, delivery time ranges from 1 to 2 working days. The courier’s working days are from Monday to Saturday.

TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad

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