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  • Title: TTRacing SURGE Series
  • Publisher: Clickgaming Distribution Group
  • Developer: Clickgaming Distribution Group
  • Release Date: -
  • Platform: Others
  • Region: Malaysia (MY)
  • Genre: Others

Shop for TTRacing SURGE Series

Ever needed a large size gaming chair that you can use to game and lounge on? Look no further than the TTracing SURGE series, a domineering and ergonomically-focused chair that makes for the perfect gaming chair no matter how you want to use your seats.

Featuring a full 180 degree tilt, impeccable craftsmanship of the leather, heavy duty build quality, and more, you’ll never feel disappointed when you buy TTRacing Surge series chairs from OffGamers!

The Perfect Gaming Chair

There are plenty of good reasons to buy TTRacing SURGE chairs, aside from the trusted quality of the TTRacing brand.

Built To Last

The SURGE series of chairs are constructed with the idea that your chair should never break down. To that effect, the SURGE is created with a full tilt mechanism, a heavy duty chrome aluminium base, and sturdy rubber PU castor wheels. These provide great stability when adjusting the chair’s height, able to support a wide range of weights on the chair, and minimise damage to the wheels and surfaces when moving around with the seat.

Impeccable Ergonomics

Notably, the SURGE series is built large and accommodating, with its backrest sizing up to 85cm high and 56cm wide, its seat depth at 56cm and width+side at 59cm, and its armrests measuring to about 28cm in length and 10cm in width. These dimensions assure you that no matter what, the SURGE chair will hold you comfortably.

The SURGE chair also sports a 180 degree recline, 4-direction adjustable armrests, and lumbar and head pillows, all for great comfort and flexibility in whatever sitting or lying position you choose to use the chair in.

Seamless Design

Just as with their entire gaming chair lineup, TTRacing crafted the SURGE chair with premium faux leather and cold cure foam to guarantee nothing but the best in surface feel, and make sure that users will never have to deal with sweltering heat from their chair.

OffGamers Payment Methods for TTRacing SURGE Series

Why should you buy TTRacing SURGE chairs and other products at OffGamers? Aside from the cheap prices and secure payment processing, we also ensure that customers should never encounter any transactional hassle in our store. We prepare various payment options for anyone around the world, which include debit cards, online banks, e-wallets, and credit cards.

The payment methods mostly used worldwide are PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa, though there are also region specific payment options like GCash, CIMB Clicks, Skrill, ShopeePay, and more, which you can view here.

Frequently Asked Questions about TTRacing SURGE Series

Where can I purchase gaming chairs online?

You can buy TTRacing SURGE series and other gaming chairs at OffGamers, where the gaming chair price range is notably low, along with our other gaming and software products. During special occasions like New Year’s, Lunar New Year, Black Friday, and others, we also post discounts for our cheap products. Never forget to check back during these holidays to get more bang for your buck at our site!

How do I clean my PU chair?

Since the chair is made mostly of PU Leather/Fabric, it is recommended that you simply wipe the leather parts down with a microfiber cloth instead of using liquids to clean out your chair.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty after you buy TTRacing SURGE chairs lasts from the date of delivery, covering its individual parts. You also have a lifetime warranty on the chair frame itself.

TTRacing SURGE Series

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