TrueMoney Prepaid Card

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TrueMoney Prepaid Card
Truemoney Prepaid Card (Thailand)





TrueMoney Prepaid Card Thailand

TrueMoney, founded in 2003, was the first GSM-based e-payment service that was a success through its TrueMoney Express venture. It is an innovative and widely-used service in Thailand and across most of Southeast Asia, used to pay expenses for both daily business and online gaming.

Operated by Ascend Money Group and boasting more than 40 million clients, TrueMoney is trusted by various establishments across the world, and supports flexible top up methods like convenience store counters, top up kiosks and TrueMoney e-pins.

The Benefits of Using TrueMoney Wallet

TrueMoney is a wide-spanning e-wallet service that allows you to pay for a quantity of services both online and offline. It can be used to pay for services at Google Play Store, at the Apple Store and other affiliated storefronts, and for topping up funds in supported online games.

Additionally, one may use TrueMoney in day-to-day walks of life, like at convenience store branches or bills payment. Enjoy these features and more by downloading the TrueMoney mobile app and signing up for an account.

TrueMoney also provides its own security features, like app-specific verification methods and anti-fraud measures so that customers may feel certain that their money is in safe hands.

Payment Options for TrueMoney Prepaid Card in Thailand

For its trusted customers around the globe, OffGamers allows a plethora of ways to pay for your shopping cart at our website. For our Thai shoppers, you can choose to pay for your TrueMoney e-pin with PayPal or Skrill. Other ways to pay include online banking, or credit cards like Visa and MasterCard should you have the need for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TrueMoney Prepaid Card in Thailand

Where can TrueMoney be used?

TrueMoney can be utilized as an e-wallet for various daily and specific needs, such as a way to pay in convenience stores or for topping up currency in online games. It can also be used to pay bills whenever and wherever, and is accepted in well-established restaurants and food chains. It can even be used to top up an MRT Card to eliminate any hassle when traveling via railway.

How do I use my TrueMoney Prepaid Code?

Upon receiving confirmation of your purchase from OffGamers, follow these instructions to top up your TrueMoney prepaid code.
1. Open your TrueMoney mobile app and tap Add Money
2. Select TrueMoney Cash Card among the list of top up options.
3. Enter the 14 digit code you’ve received from the email and tap next.

Why is my TrueMoney Prepaid Card Not Working?

When topping up your TrueMoney e-wallet, please make sure that you have selected the correct top up method: TrueMoney Cash Card. Also double check that you have not made any errors in typing out your 14 digit code. If there are any more errors, please refer to customer support for assistance.