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iTunes Gift Card
iTunes Gift Card (Austria)
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Facts on The iTunes Gift Card Austria

The iTunes Gift Card can be used for all sorts of purposes from entertainment and education to gaming and self-expression. It is an all-rounder gift card, perfect for anyone, anywhere in time. This also makes the iTunes Card a great present for any occasion.

With the Apple iTunes Card in hand, you could access all of Apple’s available platforms such as Apple Music, the iTunes Store, Apple Arcade and more. With this, it goes to show that the iTunes Card could prove to be a handy gift card to have around.

Reasons To Buy iTunes Gift Card Austria From OffGamers

Dedicated 24 Hour Customer Service

Over at OffGamers, our customer service works tirelessly to bring you their friendly service and help you with your queries. Be it for the iTunes Card or any other product, we are always here to help.

Our customer service can be reached through the live chat service on our website or through our support email available 24/7. Rest assured that when you shop for the iTunes Card and more with us, we’ll have our customer service ready to help you with anything.

Quick and Easy Transaction Process

On our site, we always try our best to innovate and better ourselves in order to serve you best. Customers that shop for the Apple iTunes Card and more from us would have the benefit of a quick and easy transaction process.

We are committed to ensuring that you would get the best shopping experience when you look for the Apple iTunes Card and more on our site.

Layers of Protection and Security Measures

To ensure the safety of our customers, we have instated several layers of protection for you when you decide to shop with us for products like the Apple iTunes Cards and more. There will be two-step verification measures and customers would have to create an authenticated account with us before proceeding with payment.

All of this is to ensure that our customers are well-protected as they shop from us to avoid any unwanted hacks or scams from happening. With that said, always purchase your Apple iTunes Cards from trusted and authorised sellers to avoid any unwanted fraud to occur.

Worldwide Payment Options For The iTunes Gift Card Austria

We offer a wide variety of payment options for our customers no matter where they are located in the world. We’ve got the usual Visa and MasterCard as well as online banking and e-wallets for you to choose from when shopping for iTunes Cards from us.

Our customers in Austria tend to prefer PayPal, Adyen and Webmoney, but you can use whatever you enjoy using when shopping for some iTunes Gift Cards from us. For more information on our available payment options, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About iTunes Gift Card Austria

How do I redeem the iTunes Gift Card on Windows?

By following these simple steps on your Windows PC:

1. Go to the iTunes Store and sign in to your account.
2. Under the menu bar, look under ‘Account’ and select ‘Redeem’.
3. Input your 16 digit code and you’re good to go!

Can the iTunes Card be used for music streaming services?

Yes, it can. The iTunes Card can be used to pay off online music streaming subscriptions like Apple Music, Spotify Premium and more.

Does the iTunes Card have an expiry date?

No, it does not. But in order to avoid any potential fraud or scam, it is best to put the iTunes Card to use as soon as possible.

Can I share the iTunes Gift Card without Family Sharing?

No, only those with the Family Sharing account can share their iTunes Gift Card balance amongst their members.
Important Note:
- This product is applicable for AT iTunes store only. (It is NOT redeemable for iTunes accounts created in other countries than Austria)
- OffGamers is not affiliated, associated, or in any way connected with websites that promise exchanges and/or trades of iTunes codes for other products. No refunds will be deemed applicable nor provided in such cases.
- By purchasing iTunes Gift Card, customers agree and accept the terms and conditions of Apple Policy. iTunes Gift Card is not redeemable for cash, and no resale, refunds, or exchanges to another Gift Card. OffGamers shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Customer for violating the Apple Policy.

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